RepairDesk Features

Powerful tools to help you manage and grow your repair shop

Attract Customers

Get more customers with marketing, messaging and retention tools


Get more customers in the door with automated marketing campaigns made specifically for repair shops.

Online Appointments

Allow customers to schedule appointments directly from your website

Loyalty Program

Build your customer database, grow repeat business and increase lifetime value with a loyalty program.

Store Credits

Reduce refunds and encourage customers to come back for more sales.

Gift Cards

Boost customer retention and increase brand awareness by offering digital or plastic gift cards.

Sell More

Sell more repairs, drive repeat business and get paid faster

Point of Sale

Get more customers in the door with automated marketing campaigns made specifically for repair shops.

RepairDesk Payments

Payment Processing Made Easy for Repair Stores!

Self Check-In

Speed up your repair shop's checkout process and collect customer data right from the source.

Online Payments

Seamlessly collect payments for repairs online. With multiple payment methods, your customers can make online payments easily and safely.

Customer Facing Display

Process orders with accuracy, showcase promotions and have customers sign off digitally to show their acceptance before or after a repair is completed

Increase Efficiency

Reduce Costs and Optimize Your Store Operations


Chart your repair shop's growth with reports sent directly to your inbox as you plan to grow your business.

Repair Ticket Management

Increase your shop's efficiency and save time with a ticketing system built for cellphone repair shops

Employee Management

Manage your repair shop efficiently by knowing what activites your employees are spending their time on


RepairDesk seamlessly integrates with many different web platforms and tools.

Inventory Management

Organize your inventory and keep track of your entire stock from order to sale.

Save time and money with RepairDesk everyday. Let us take care of your day to day operations.