Employee Management Software for Repair Shops

Manage your repair shop efficiently with an employee management system that assigns distinctive roles to employees, actively tracks their progress, and helps you guide them when necessary. You can also keep an eye on sales generated by each employee using the Reporting feature.

Increase Productivity

Get A Bird's Eye View of Your Employees' Progress

A better view of your business means a better view of growth. Monitor your repair shop with our employee management software and oversee your employees' performance so you can guide them better.

User Profiles

Easily switch profiles during repairs with a 4-digit Access PIN instead of logging off and logging in to a different profile. No username or password is required.

Employee Time Tracking

Track your employees' check-in & check-out time, in real-time, from any location, using any device, so they are paid exactly what they are due.

Roles & Permissions

Roles are the quickest and easiest way to manage employee permissions. Define, set, and implement different employee roles and permissions to control their access to RepairDesk.

Employee Productivity Reports

Set employee sales targets & analyze their performance. Determine which employees need training & which ones are skipping necessary steps.

Secure Staff Records

Secure Your Records On Cloud

Having your employee records on the cloud means they're safe, secure, and easily retrievable. Use your employees' activity logs to gauge their performance regularly with a one-stop employee management software for repair shops.

Control Access

Allow Access To Key Features

Choose to grant or restrict employees access to your repair store based on their roles. Your employees will only be able to manoeuvre within the allowed areas of the software. It's as simple as clicking a button with an employee management system.

All the Answers You're Looking For

Does RepairDesk Employee Management feature work on my mobile or tablet?

You can access the RepairDesk web app from your mobile and tablet.

Can multiple people access the Employee Management Portal at the same time?

Yes, you and your employees can log in with their credentials simultaneously in our employee management software.

Can my employee see if I am checking their productivity?

No, your employees cannot see that, nor do they have access to productivity reports.

Can I contact my employees within the software?

You can keep in touch with your employees via the Slack integration of RepairDesk’s employee management software for your repair shop

Does it have a calendar view to show absents and leaves?

You can access the daily time sheet to check for absences and leaves.

Does RepairDesk have a payroll integration?

Yes, RepairDesk has a payroll integration that allows you to set your employee's hourly or monthly pay rate. You can also add the commission feature for your employees.

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