Loyalty Program

Build your customer database, grow repeat business and increase lifetime value with the loyalty program.

Make more money

Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More

Get customers to come back by rewarding them for repeat behavior. Keep the ones you already have and give new shoppers a solid reason to ditch your competition.

Retain customers

Turn One-Time Visitors Into Loyal Customers

Let your customers get the best value from you so they keep coming back for more. With your own repair shop loyalty program, you'll be able to retain customers better and have them visit your store more often.

Reward customer loyalty

Make Your Customers Feel Special With Rewards

Reward your customers for their loyalty to your repair shop. Each time you make a sale, they get loyalty points that help them pay for more in the future. Win-win for both you and your customers.

Send Automatic Notifications

Use Email & SMS To Keep Customers Updated

Inform your customers every time they earn or redeem loyalty points with automated email and SMS notifications sent directly to them.

Lightning Fast Enrollment

Bring More Customers Into The Fold

Enroll customers in your loyalty program directly from the checkout screen without the need to navigate away.

All the Answers You're Looking For

How long are your contracts?

We offer both, month to month and annual plans, to give you the most flexibility. You can always upgrade, downgrade or add locations as your business grows.

I am a startup, do you have a cheaper plan for me?

If you're a budding company looking to branch out, we've got the Essential plan for you that takes care of your needs. If you'd like more features, you can sign up for our Growth plan instead. RepairDesk offers you plans that are highly affordable and pack the most utility for your business, so you're always winning when you choose RepairDesk.

How do I check for a customer's available loyalty points?

The loyalty points for a customer will be visible on the customer information section of the POS once you've selected them, and in the Customer section of your RepairDesk account. You should be able to view their remaining loyalty points from here.

Will customers be able to stack loyalty points with any other means of payment?

Yes. Customers can split their payments between loyalty points and any other form of payment that you accept.

Will my customers receive confirmation on their purchase?

Yes. RepairDesk tracks and monitors all purchases made, and your customers will receive an invoice in their email and on their registered number once a transaction goes through. They will also be able to see how many loyalty points they spent on the purchase.

Are there any extra charges to using the loyalty program feature?

The loyalty program feature is part of your subscription to the RepairDesk Enterprise package. If you would like to add store credits to your repair business, please consider signing up.

Do you offer customer support?

We have excellent customer support & you are always prioritized above anything and everything. If you ever run into a problem or cannot find what you are looking for, you can give us a call, chat with one of product specialists, or send us an email at [email protected].

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