Gift Cards

Boost customer retention and increase brand awareness by offering digital or plastic gift cards.

Make more money

Boost Customer Retention By Offering Gift Cards

Keep your customers coming back for more with Gift Cards. Your customers can easily redeem Gift Cards from any location or gift them to a loved one.

Retain customers

Generate Revenue In Advance And Improve Cash Flow

Generate additional revenue today for services provided in the future to improve cash flow.

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Can my repair store customers redeem the expired gift cards?

No, it is not possible to redeem expired gift cards.

How can I print gift cards?

You can print gift cards through any receipt printer. The gift card print template in RepairDesk is completely customizable, which you can edit it from Template Editor. For more information, please refer to our Knowledge Base article on Gifts Cards.

Can I import/export my gift cards data?

Yes, you can export the existing data of your gift cards in an Excel spreadsheet easily from within the system. You can also import data in an Excel spreadsheet into your RepairDesk account, allowing for easy management of your gift card records.

Is it possible to refund the gift card being issued?

The gift card issued to a customer can be refunded only before it has been redeemed. However, the payment processed through gift cards can only be refunded through cash. In order to understand the refund process, please read our Knowledge Base article.

The refunded gift card will automatically be added back to your inventory with its status changed to "Inactive". However, if you don't want to add the gift card back to your inventory, please uncheck the box titled "Add back to Inventory".

Are there any automated emails and SMS that will be sent out for gift cards?

Yes, RepairDesk provides automated emails and SMS notifications which will be dispatched when a gift card has been issued, redeemed or refunded. To know how to edit these templates or add new template, please read our Knowledge Base article.

Will my customers earn loyalty points on purchasing gift cards?

Yes. Loyalty points can be issued on selling gift cards, just like any other inventory item, only if you have enabled the trigger 'Issue loyalty on selling gift cards'. Remember, only those customers who are enrolled in your loyalty program will receive loyalty points when they purchase gift cards.

Can store credits be issued on gift card refunds?

Yes, you can issue store credits to customers while refunding payment for any gift card.

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