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RepairDesk is built to automate the whole process of repair shops and to streamline their daily activities to give you greater peace of mind.

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About the Product

RepairDesk is a SaaS-based integrated POS & ERP software designed specifically for the repair industry.

It allows users to track items for repair, set deadlines, delegate employees, save customer information, collect deposits, print repair tickets, and manage invoices and receipts.

The idea is to maximize efficiency, from the time a customer walks in, to when they return to pick up their device.

RepairDesk also notifies employees of low stock, and gives detailed analytics that help businesses anticipate demand.

Point of Sale

Join RepairDesk in bringing the best POS system for repair stores to customers all over the world.

Repair Ticket Management

Process customers while saving time, increasing productivity, reducing losses, giving a great customer experience.


Organize your inventory and keep track of your entire stock from order to sale. Your inventory management made effortless.


Use reports to predict growth and plan for your next big move. Learn how well your repair shop is doing every single day.

Grow Your Business

RepairDesk is designed to help you with everything at your repair store, so you can focus more on growing your business.

We put your business first by giving you powerful tools in point of sale, repair ticket management, inventory management, employee management, integrations, reporting, and payment processing. Our software takes care of everything your store needs and lets you plot your own success course without any worries.

Our Customers

RepairDesk currently powers hundreds of cell phone repair shops around the world. Most of our customers reside in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Italy, France and other European countries. We work with our customers to help them automate the whole repair management process and grow their business.


Where It All Started...

Achieving his degree in Finance, Usman Butt, the CEO and founder of RepairDesk, was eager to be a successful entrepreneur. He started his career in a software development company and learned more about the industry and consumer demand. Once he was ready, he started his own little firm and successfully ran it for many years. However, Usman’s ambition to achieve big and do more drove him further to pursue greater opportunities!

RepairDesk by the Numbers

The best results are ones that can be measured, and we've got the numbers to back up our claims. See just how successful RepairDesk has been in the repair industry.


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