Store Credits

Reduce refunds and encourage customers to come back for more sales.

Save Money

Refund Customers Without Losing Money

Offer store credits instead of refunds for repairs or returns. With store credits, you no longer have to lose money to refunds.

Retain customers

Never Lose A Customer To A Refund Again

Ensure that your customers return to your repair store when you offer them store credits. Retain your customers and continue receiving their patronage.

Reward customer loyalty

Keep Customers Coming Back For More

With store credits, your customers always have a reason to come back to your store. Incentivize their spending and reward their loyalty to you with credit they can choose to spend at a later date.

All the Answers You're Looking For

How long are your contracts?

We offer both, month to month and annual plans, to give you the most flexibility. You can always upgrade, downgrade or add locations as your business grows.

I am a startup, do you have a cheaper plan for me?

If you're a budding company looking to branch out, we've got the Essential plan for you that takes care of your needs. If you'd like more features, you can sign up for our Growth plan instead. RepairDesk offers you plans that are highly affordable and pack the most utility for your business, so you're always winning when you choose RepairDesk.

How do I check for a customer's available store credits?

The store credits for a customer will be visible on the customer information section of the POS once you've selected them, and in the Customer section of your RepairDesk account. You should be able to view their remaining store credits from here.

Will customers be able to stack store credits with any other means of payment?

Yes. Customers can split their payments between store credits and any other form of payment that you accept.

Are there any extra charges to using the store credits feature?

The store credits feature is part of your subscription to the RepairDesk Enterprise package. If you would like to add store credits to your repair business, please consider signing up.

Is there an offline mode?

The RepairDesk iPad POS Register app has an Offline Mode that allows you to create tickets and invoices, collect cash payments and process customers when you do not have a reliable internet connection. Check out our Knowledge Base article to learn more about the Offline Mode.

Do you offer customer support?

We have excellent customer support & you are always prioritized above anything and everything. If you ever run into a problem or cannot find what you are looking for, you can give us a call, chat with one of product specialists, or send us an email at [email protected].

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