Mail-in Repair Management

Eliminate repetitive, manual tasks and reduce mistakes. Build your own workflow. Standardize the data capture process to track triage, services, returns, parts, and labor consumed all in one place. 

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Industries We Serve

RepairDesk allows you to take control of your repair shop and manage all the ongoing processes seamlessly.

Mail-in Phone Repair

Track and manage all the mail in iPhone and Android cell phone repair jobs in one place. Simplify the mail in iPad repair process with RepairDesk.

Mail-in Computer Repair

Set your mail in computer repair business growth on fast track, with more inquires coming through the custom service request form.

Jewellery Repair
Mail-in Jewelry Repair

Establish a trusted mail in jewelry repair business with automated notifications, a secure shipping partner and real time Repair Tracker.

Mail-in Watch Repair

Checkout customers in less than a minute with easy ticketing, invoicing and payment processing features for your mail in watch repair business.

Shoe Repair
Mail-in Shoe Repair

Get a customizable end-to-end repair workflow designed to efficiently manage boot, handbag, belt and mail in shoe repair business.

Generic Repair
Mail-in Generic Repair

Ticketing, invoicing, inventory management, integrations and many add-ons to grow your mail in repair business in any repair industry.


How to Build a Mail-in Repair Workflow

- Create a custom service request form to embed in your website

- Receive Mail-in Job requests

- Triage, print asset label, diagnose, check warranty status & submit a quote

- Get notified when the customer approves or rejects the quote

- Complete the repair and send an invoice with a payment link

- Print shipping label using ShipStation

- Let customers track repair status from your website in real-time

- Centralize communication and get emails, SMS & technician notes in one place


Increase Mail-in Orders with an Online Form

One of the key features of the RepairDesk Mail-in repair system is our fully customisable easy-to-use online form that you can embed in your website. Once the customer fills out the form and submits a repair request, they will receive shipping information to send the asset to your repair center.

Customize Forms

Create a custom Work Order Form to embed in your website and allow your clients to submit their own tickets

Upload Attachments

Let your customers add images, warranty cards and other attachments to the forms when sending in mail-in repair requests.

Theme Customization

Modify the color theme of your RepairDesk Form to reflect your website and repair business branding colors

Email Automation

Set a template and send auto generated emails to the Admin and the customer every time a customer successfully submits a form.


Digitize Workflow and Manage Mail-in Repairs

Once the form and device are received, RepairDesk helps you track every step of the repair process. Send a quote or create a ticket, assign technicians to specific repairs, upload attachments, set pre & post repair condition checklists, update repair statuses, and communicate with customers throughout the process.

Automate Workflow

A step by step workflow specifically designed to cater to mail-in repair requests. Save time and streamline your mail-in repair process.

Create Quotes

Run a complete diagnostic on the asset and create an estimate for the repair job. Convert estimates to tickets after customer approvals

Condition Checklist

Mark the pre-condition checklist before starting repairs to document device faults. Repeat the process with a post-condition checklist after repairs.

Status Update

Assign job to technicians, add notes, update repair status, communicate with customer and track the real time progress of the repair job 


Seamlessly Integrate Shipping Partner and Track Delivery

Organize and simplify your shipping process through ShipStation integration with RepairDesk. It is the fastest, most secure and affordable way to send and receive devices from customers while tracking every update from within the software.

Print Shipping Labels

Generate shipping labels and print them in one go for all the mail-in repair requests saving time and the risk of manual entry errors

Shipping Specifications

Select a shipping method and carrier of your choice and add a mark-up to cover handling fee or any shipping fluctuations

One-click Order

Automatically send shipping details to ShipStation when shipping is added and invoice is created from the ticket

Track Devices

Track the location of your device, get notifications  and monitor the delivery process to facilitate client communication


All the Tools and Widgets you Need

A single platform with specifically designed features to help you manage your mail-in device repairs efficiently. From receiving repair requests to sending out completed devices, RepairDesk helps you stay organized and on top of every repair while keeping your customers happy.

Estimates Module

Create an estimate from the POS screen, email it to the customer for approval and convert the estimate into a ticket in one click.

Repair Tracker

Let your customers check their repair status directly from your website via the Repair Tracker Widget by entering ticket ID & Last Name

B2B Repair Portal

A perfect Ad-on for Repair Depots that allows B2B customers to create repair tickets, view communication logs and make payments.

Online Payments

Customers can view open invoices and make payment via PayPal. Another convenient payment option is RepairDesk Payments.

All the Answers You're Looking For

Is there any form in RepairDesk from where I can get mail-in inquiries?

Yes, you can use our RepairDesk forms to digitise your mail-in Repair workflow management. A custom form can easily be built using our RepairDesk Form widget

Can I add the steps of my choice in the RepairDesk Form?

Yes, you have the choice to add the steps as per your requirement. However, if you wish to add the step or detail that is not present in our steps, you can create that through our Custom Form.

Can we build more than one form in RepairDesk Forms?

Yes, you can create as many forms as you like. Each form can reflect a different  workflow that your business follows for mail-in repair jobs.

Can we add an image to RepairDesk Forms, or is it text only?

RepairDesk forms allow you to add attachments in the form of pdfs, docs, jpegs, png and more.

Can we send email to our customers once they fill in the RepairDesk Form?

Yes, you can set up an autoresponder email with a canned response that will be sent to the customers once they fill in the RepairDesk Form

Can I print shipping labels from RepairDesk?

Yes, you can print shipping labels from RepairDesk once an invoice is created.

Can the customers see the details that they filled in the form at the B2B Repair Portal?

Yes they can see the details in the tickets tab of the B2B Repair Portal.

Can I view shipping in the customer portal?

Yes, you can view it in the customer portal in both the invoices and tickets.

Can our mail-in customers pay through the customer portal?

Yes, customers can make online payments through PayPal or RepairDesk Payments.

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