Google Reviews Automation System

In the service business reviews are everything. Make your existing customers your biggest cheerleaders with minimum effort. Automate your Google review collection system, get more 5-star reviews every month, rank higher, and get more repair jobs and new customers.

Save Time

Less Time Managing, More Time Repairing

Time is money. Save precious time with RepairDesk by creating tickets seamlessly, sorting repairs efficiently and making special orders with the click of a button. With RepairDesk, you can manage your tickets better and make your store the Usain Bolt of device repairs.

Filter Tickets

Save time and search for a specific ticket by applying multiple filters including name, ticket type, ticket status, date created and more.

Order Special Parts

To reduce unsecured cash outflow and keep secure against abandoned sales and odd parts, create a repair ticket, order a special  part & take a deposit.

Pre-Configured Repair Services

Save time when setting up the software for your repair shop by using pre-configured repair services.

Export Tickets

Format data and create your own customized reports or maintain a backup log of tickets so you can find information on customer devices in case your internet cuts out.

Reduce risk of loss

Minimize Risk & Maximize Productivity

Making money isn't easy, but losing it is. Minimize your risks and cover all your bases to reduce your chances of payment disputes using the right kind of repair ticket management system.

Pre- & Post-Repair Checklists & Images

Ensure repair accuracy by keeping a pre-repair and post-repair checklist and image of your device.

Email Tickets to Customers

Update customers by setting up automated SMS or email alerts for when a repair job is completed, available for pick up, pending for parts and more.

Digital Signature

Avoid chargeback disputes by getting customers' digital signatures on store terms and conditions before or after a repair is completed.

Ticket History

Get diagnostic notes, staff notes or a record of any official communication you sent to customers about the ticket since its creation.

Get Credibility

Automate Review Collection System

With the RepairDesk review generation and monitoring tool, you can collect 5-star feedback for every successful repair job completed. Whether you're a small local repair shop or a large-scale operation, you can automate the process and enjoy the benefits.

Get More Reviews

Automatically trigger an SMS with a review form link after 24 hours of completing a repair job and send it to customers to rate your repair shop on Google.

Review Monitoring

All reviews can be accessed from within the RepairDesk Connect App. Check reviews directly on your dashboard and monitor your online rating.

Reply using AI

Use the power of AI to generate an SEO-optimized tailored response to a customer review, turning feedback into meaningful conversations.

Dominate Search Results

Amplify your visibility and bolster your online presence by becoming the highest-rated repair shop in your area

Drive New Business

Entice a surge of customers to your shop through recommendations, heightened visibility, and unparalleled service experiences.

Receive Feedback

Embrace customer feedback to refine and enhance your shop services, ensuring continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

improve Communication

Reduce Errors with Communication

Miscommunication on repairs can cost you thousands of dollars a year. Give your technicians easy access to key information so that they never mix up another repair.

Internal Notes

Serve your customers better & improve internal communication by adding private notes, only accessible to the repair shop personnel, to a ticket.

Diagnostic Notes

Improve communication and repair clarity between the customer and the technician by adding diagnostic notes that are viewable by both parties.

Repair Job Notifications

Automatically send repair job notifications to technicians so they never miss another repair.

Email & SMS Alerts to Customer

Update customers by setting up automated SMS or email alerts on the repair status. Using RepairDesk Connect; it is easier to manage everything.

RepairDesk Reviews Automation Tool is Popular Among Repair Businesses
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All the Answers You're Looking For

Is Google Review automation via SMS accessible for my current pricing plan?

Google Review automation through SMS is offered as an Add-on and can be obtained independently by subscribers to both the Essential and Growth plans. All clients who subscribe to RepairDesk Connect receive Google review automation via SMS free of charge.

Which countries are supported by RepairDesk's Google Review automation via SMS?

At the moment, the Google Review automation through SMS service offered by RepairDesk is only available to RepairDesk merchants situated in the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

What happens if I do not observe an increase in the number of reviews I am already receiving?

If you do not witness an increase within the initial thirty days of activating this service, we will be pleased to provide a refund for the initial charge.

Is it necessary for me to purchase SMS credits separately?

At this time, you are required to pay separately for virtual numbers and SMS credits.
If you are utilizing RepairDesk PhonePro service in either the United States or Canada, you will be eligible to receive a complimentary allotment of one thousand SMS credits.

enhance Customer Experience

Keep Your Customers Updated at Every Step

Give your customers a better repair experience through alerts and updates that will keep them coming back for more. The perfect repair shop POS management ticket software takes care of all this and more.

All the Answers You're Looking For

How long are your contracts?

We offer both, month to month and annual plans, to give you the most flexibility. You can always upgrade, downgrade or add locations as your business grows.

Can I add custom fields in the ticket?

Yes, you can create a text field for device type, color, special order notes, priority, or anything else that's important to your workflow for a more personalized system.

Can I re-assign a ticket to a technician?

Yes, you can re-assign a ticket to a technician by editing it and changing the entry in the "Assigned to" column.

Can I make an invoice out of an existing repair ticket?

Yes, you can and you can learn how to do that here.

Can I search for a ticket using item barcode?

Yes, you can scan the item barcode under the SKU field to pull up your desired ticket.

Can I add warranty on repair services?

Yes, you can add warranty on repair services.

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