Online Payments

Seamlessly collect payments for repairs online. With multiple payment methods, your customers can make online payments easily and safely.

Multiple Payment methods

Easy Payment Options For Customers

Collect your payments online from a host of payment methods. RepairDesk makes it easy to bill customers and collect payments remotely.

One-click Payments

Get Payments Smoothly

Getting paid shouldn't be complicated. With RepairDesk, bring convenience by having your customers pay for their repairs any time, anywhere.

Third-Party Billing

Simplify payment procedures for your customers by using third party billing.

Single Payment For Multiple Invoices

Save time and hassle by selecting multiple unpaid invoices and marking them as paid so you focus on what matters more.

Professional Invoices

Track partial payments & overdue invoices by creating professional quotes, invoices & receipts in seconds.

Online Invoicing

Eliminate the use of paper and email payment receipts & invoices as PDF.

Contactless payments

Get Paid Remotely

Allow your customers to make contactless payments because your customers no longer have to be in the store to pay for their repairs.

Secure Transactions

End-to-End Encryption & PCI-Compliance

To ensure safe transactions, each transaction is secured with endpoint triple encryption and compliance with the highest of PCI standards.

Enhanced Analytics

Learn Customer Spending Habits for Better Business

Get to know your customer better with analytics that give you greater insight. Use the data to enhance customer experience and make better business decisions.

Customer Groups

Set dedicated wholesale discounts for select customers by creating customer groups.


Set up friendly messages to follow-up after repairs to find out if a customer is satisfied with the repair, ask for a review or offer discounts on select accessories

Bulk Import and Export

Save time & avoid double data entry by bulk import or export of customer record with a single click.

Total Revenue By Customer Report

View the total revenue generated from customers based on selected filter.

All the Answers You're Looking For

How long does it take to set up integrated payments?

Setting up a payment system with your preferred payment provider is a simple and quick process. Simply follow the instructions listed on our Knowledge Base and you should be set up within minutes.

Are there any additional charges for setting up online payments?

No. You can set up as many payment integrations in RepairDesk all you like without any extra charges.

Which third-party payment services can I use?

You can use all the third-party integrations available in RepairDesk.

What debit/credit cards will I be able to accept through integrations?

RepairDesk supports a number of integrations that collectively accept all popular debit/credit cards. Your customers can choose to pay with VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or other popular services through tap-to-pay and EMV transactions.

Will I face any outages with the payment processor I have set up?

RepairDesk provides integrated payments with a number of different platforms. We recommend that you subscribe to the notification system of your platform to learn more about any potential outages.

Can I process a refund on an online payment?

Yes, you can process refund for online payments like a regular refund from POS of RepairDesk.

Why is my customer's card being declined?

If your customer's card is getting declined, there could me multiple reasons like bank processing issue, credit/debit card issue, etc. If you are using RepairDesk Payments, you can set a list of acceptable cards (debit/credits) from the Blockchyp platform. Customers can only pay from those specific options. Otherwise payment is declined.

I've been using the same merchant processor for years, can I still use it with RepairDesk?

Payment is an important part of your business, and RepairDesk works with some of the leading payment processors to make sure you get your dues. Merchants such as PayPal Here , Square, TSYS, Paymentsense, Tyro and iZettle all work with RepairDesk, allowing you a variety of payment options either through cash, credit, debit or mobile payments. Our payment services vary depending on your region, and for more specific details, visit our Integrations page to learn more about the payment processors available for your area.

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