Customer Facing Display

Process orders with accuracy, showcase promotions and have customers sign off digitally to show their acceptance before or after a repair is completed.

Reduce the risk of losing money

Let Your Customers Review Items During Checkout

Cut down on checkout errors by showing the customers exactly what they are getting. Line items, prices and discounts are all displayed to customers so they can visually confirm their order.

Increase Sales

Drive Sales By Displaying Ads

Easily configure your customer facing display to show offers, discounts and special sales. You can also insert your repair shop's logo to increase brand awareness.

Get customer signatures

Minimize Your Risks By Taking Digital Signatures On Repairs

Get authorization from your clients on payments before or after repairs. This allows you to reduce the possibility of payment disputes and win more chargebacks.

All the Answers You're Looking For

What is Customer Facing Display?

A customer facing display is a screen that shows all order details to the customer during the checkout process. It includes details such as the items, cost of the items, tax percentage, discounts, etc.

Can I take digital signatures on Customer Facing Display?

Yes, you can take digital signatures of your customers on terms & conditions.

Which hardware can I use for Customer Facing Display?

You can use any hardware as long as it has a browser and an internet connection.

Are Customer Facing Display and Self Check-In the same?

No, they are not the same. The self check-in widget is exclusive of customer facing display, where the former can be added to the latter. It can also exist on its own, without the customer facing display.

Can I run promotional content on Customer Facing Display?

Yes, you can run your logo, special promotions and advertisements. Moreover, you can also show order information, diagnostic notes and term & conditions on the screen.

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