Inventory Management Software for Repair Shops

Organize your inventory and keep track of your entire stock from order to sale. Your inventory management is made effortless with RepairDesk.

Easy to manage

Your Inventory On Cruise Control

Take the hassle out of your workflow with this inventory management system. Create purchase orders, transfer between stores, make adjustments and perform inventory counts. All from a single platform.

Inventory Count

Ensure sufficient stock for any item by keeping check on your physical inventory, manually or through barcode scanner.

Purchase Order

Never miss a repair order again due to low inventory. Use our integrated purchase orders to instantly order the missing part.

Inventory Transfer

Inventory Transfer couldn’t be easier. Create Inventory Transfer Orders and transport your inventory swiftly from store A to store B.

Serialized Inventory

Easily differentiate the same items from two different vendors and clearly trace your inventory items from supplier to end customer.

add Inventory Labels

Every Detail, A Barcode Scan Away

Use inventory labels to organize your stock and manage your inventory without a wrinkle. Scan your inventory items with a barcode reader to instantly pull up all the details you need in your POS terminal.

Tax Class

Customize tax handling for different cities, states or countries by charging tax on the entire product, perform a tax exempt transaction or simply charge tax against part used for a repair


Accept full or partial inventory against your purchase order to help you keep track of your inventory.

Low Stock Report

Keep track of inventory levels and get notified when a phone part is low and needs to be replenished to order parts with a single click.

Inventory Adjustment

Forecast demand and maintain adequate inventory at all times so you can focus on growing business and get rid of paperwork.

Low Stock Alerts

Never Run Out Of Stock With Low Stock Alerts

Don't you hate it when you run out of a part that you need for that urgent repair? We know the feeling all too well. You'll never have to face that problem again with RepairDesk's low stock alerts.

Integrated Ordering

Order Parts From Within your POS

Create a purchase order, add the items you need, and place your order with a simple click. Once you receive them, they will be automatically added to the inventory. With our point of sale software, inventory management is that easy.


Never Let A Return To Your Supplier Go Unnoticed

Returning faulty parts to your suppliers doesn't have to be a hiccup ever again. With Return Merchandising Agreements, you can send back faulty orders and keep track of them so you're always on top of your inventory.

All the Answers You're Looking For

How long will it take to add my inventory into the software?

Single items are instantly added to the inventory. However, if you are importing a larger number of items together, it will take 2-3 minutes.

Does my staff need extensive training to use the inventory management feature?

No, RepairDesk is a user-friendly software and offers employee training so your staff can make the most out of it.

Can I move inventory from one store to another?

Yes, you can move inventory from one store to another using a transfer order.

Can I add images for each inventory item?

Yes, you can add multiple images for each inventory item.

Is there an offline mode?

The RepairDesk iPad POS Register app has an Offline Mode that allows you to create tickets and invoices, collect cash payments and process customers when you do not have a reliable internet connection. Check out our Knowledge Base article to learn more about the Offline Mode.

Do you offer customer support?

We have excellent customer support & you are always prioritized above anything and everything. If you ever run into a problem or cannot find what you are looking for, you can give us a call, chat with one of product specialists, or send us an email at [email protected].

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