POS Software for Repair Shops

A Point Of Sale software explicitly made to cater to all your repair shop needs. Inventory, billings, acquisitions, integrations, and more! You need it? We got it!

Save Time

Checkout More Customers In Less Time

Less is more has never been more accurate. Your POS software should be fast, efficient, reliable, and tailor-made for your workflow. With RepairDesk, you'll be processing customers faster than you can say; “Time is money”!

Pre & Post Repair Checklist

Satisfy your customers by logging the device’s condition before you take it in for repair and after you hand it over to the customer.

Repair Ticket Management

Create repair tickets directly from the POS screen. Choose a device or problem and assign it to a repair technician in just a few clicks.

Self Check-Ins

Reduce employee error and counter lines by collecting essential customer data before they come to the counter


Collect customer emails and phone numbers with a few clicks. Quickly pull up customer information on your POS if they walk in again.

Get Paid

Payments For Repair Shops Done Right

No Money, No Problem! Get paid faster with secure, hassle-free, and contactless payments. Offer your customers the option to pay online and in-store with a great point of sale software

Contactless Payments

Collect contactless payments using RFID or send a payment link directly to your customers via email.

Partial Payments

Give customers the option to pay partial invoice amounts.


Collect deposits from customers before you start working on their repairs.


Send estimates to customers via email, easily convert those estimates to invoices and collect payments.

Retain Customers

Tools To Help You Retain Customers & Increase Repeat Purchases

Connect with customers in your own personal way with customized email campaigns, templates, and SMS messages that get the message across through the best POS system for repair shops.

Loyalty Program

Build your customer database, grow repeat business, and increase lifetime value with a loyalty program.

Store Credits

Reduce refunds and bad reviews while encouraging customers to come back for more sales.

Warranty Claims

Built-in warranty claims tracking so you know exactly when a customer can claim a warranty.


Process refunds with or without restocking fees when customers aren’t happy with their purchase.

Upsell and cross-sell

Get More Out Of Your Customers

Make your customers an offer they cannot refuse. Employ a good POS software to bundle slow-moving inventory with complementary products and services to increase average order value.

Sell Bundles

Increase average order value by bundling accessories and repairs and selling them at discounts.


Upsell customers by retailing accessories such as screen protectors, phone covers, and more.

Group Discounts

Create customer groups and give them specific discounts, so they always come back to your store.

Smooth Set-up

Set up RepairDesk at your store in a flash. Continue to take orders and work on repairs without any delays once you switch to RepairDesk.

Increase Sales

Generate More Business With New Revenue Streams

Expand and conquer! Win your customers by offering more than just the bare minimum. Use a POS system for repair shops to become a one-stop shop for everything repair for your customers.

Pre-Owned Devices

Buy, refurbish and sell second-hand devices to add another stream of revenue to your store and gain a profit

Gift Cards

Boost customer retention and increase brand awareness by offering digital or plastic gift cards at your store.

Bill Payments

Sell prepaid PINs for H2O, AT&T, T-Mobile, Tracfone, Boost, Verizon, & any other network and track payments in RepairDesk.

In-Line Discounts

Offer discounts on individual items on your list. The discounts will be applied to a specific item of your choosing only.

All the Answers You're Looking For

How long are your contracts?

We offer both month-to-month and annual plans to give you the most flexibility. You can always upgrade, downgrade or add locations to the POS software as your business grows.

I am a startup, do you have a cheaper plan for me?

If you're a budding company looking to branch out, we've got the Essential plan for you that takes care of your needs. You can sign up for our Growth plan if you'd like more features. RepairDesk offers you plans that are highly affordable and pack the most utility for your business, so you're always winning when you choose RepairDesk.

Can I transfer all my current data to your point of sale?

Yes. RepairDesk offers free data migration from your old point of sale system, no matter what it is. Whether it's Vend, Square, Lightspeed, RepairQ, RepairShopr, iQmetrix, Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, or even just a pen-and-paper system, RepairDesk can work with it.

How long will it take me to set up RepairDesk?

RepairDesk can be set up and ready to use in less than 24 hours at your store. You can continue to take orders and work on repairs without any delays once you switch to RepairDesk’s POS system for repair shops.

I have an online store, will RepairDesk integrate with it?

RepairDesk works best with WooCommerce. If your online store is based on WooCommerce, you can connect it easily with RepairDesk through our integration. Once connected, all transactions should run smoothly between the two platforms. For other e-commerce solutions, you can always discuss them with the RepairDesk support team to find out more.

Is my data safe?

RepairDesk takes data privacy and security very seriously. Any data in your RepairDesk account is your own (not ours); your information is not accessed by anyone else or sold to anyone. You can export all repair tickets, invoices, reports, inventory, client data, etc., and save them to your desktop at any time.
Plus, all data is securely stored & information is transmitted securely via SSL encryption and can only be viewed using the encrypted link created for each account. Your data is always secure, along with our automatic backups.

Is there an offline mode?

The RepairDesk iPad POS Register app has an Offline Mode that allows you to create tickets and invoices, collect cash payments, and process customers when you do not have a reliable internet connection. Check out our Knowledge Base article to learn more about the Offline Mode.

Do you offer customer support?

We have excellent customer support & you are always prioritized above anything and everything. If you ever run into a problem or cannot find what you are looking for, you can give us a call, chat with one of the product specialists, or send us an email at [email protected]. We are here for all your POS software queries.

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