General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

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Last Updated: 1st APRIL, 2023

The GDPR is a new legal framework of the EU legislation intended to standardize data regulation across Europe while providing greater protection and control over data to the consumer. It’s an updated version of the Data Protection Directive.

GDPR aims to protect the privacy of EU citizens, specifically their “right to be forgotten” – aka, their right to demand that organizations identify and eradicate any or all data about them.

The purpose of this guide is to give you details on how RepairDesk is preparing for GDPR and to provide you with an overview of the new requirements to help you prepare for GDPR.

Being accountable for customer’s data, RepairDesk has updated its platform with procedures to protect your Personal Data from any kind of illegal loss, theft, leakage, or unauthorized sharing. We will be responsible for inquiring your consent before collecting any personal information or data.

What can you do to prepare?

If your business is based in the European Union (EU), or you process the personal data of EU citizens, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) affects you.

The GDPR says you must obtain freely given, specific, informed, and unambiguous consent from your contacts. You also must clearly explain how you plan to use their personal data. 

As far as your business is concerned, if you have customers in (EU), you must ask for their consent to store their personal details and get their permission before sending them follow-up marketing or promotional Emails / SMS via RepairDesk. Furthermore, based on their preferences, you can choose for which individuals you can store none-to-all details. We encourage you to consult with legal or other professional counsel about your GDPR preparations.

Features included in the update

We’ve been busy working to ensure we are compliant when the GDPR comes into effect 25th March 2018 to help you comply with the GDPR and have updated:

  • The Customer Registration Process for EU customers where they will be asked for consent related to their data processing.
  • The recording of Customer Data for RepairDesk desk End Users.

Example: Businesses (ABC Cellphone Repair store) will ask their customers for consent before saving their data.

  • Edit or Forget right for Customers of RepairDesk desk End Users.

For example: a customer of ABC Cellphone Repair store can ask them to update or forget their information that stores in RepairDesk

  • The below sections of our Web Application:
  • POS || Leads section || Customer Module || Invoice || Ticket section ||
  • Appointment calendar || Public API || Self-Check-in Widget || Trade-In widget
  • On consent of the customer to forget his details– RepairDesk will delete customer records and update existing reports with ‘Walk in Customer’ – to keep Business Statistics (Reports) aligned and reconciled.

Note: We will be updating the above section continuously with our latest road map and progress.

Customer Rights 

Right now, considering the new GDPR, you’re(RepairDesk Customers) now in the list of “Data Controllers.” If you have customers in the EU and you record their data in RepairDesk, you have the responsibility to allow individuals to exercise their ‘Right to be Informed,’ ‘Right to Rectification,’ ‘Right to be Forgotten,’ ‘Right to Object,’ ‘Right to Restrict Processing’ and ‘Right to Restrict Processing’*

  • *Right to Object: Individuals may object to the use of their data for profiling or direct marketing activities.
  • *Right to be Forgotten: Individuals have the right to request that personal information be removed from the RepairDesk.
  • *Right to be Informed: Individuals may ask for clear and concise information about what you do with their personal data.
  • *Right to Restrict Processing: Individuals may request the suppression of their personal data, which means that you may store the data but not use it.
  • *Right to data portability: Individuals may request to get their personal data, which they have previously provided, in a readable format.

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