Work Order Software
for Repair Shops

A reliable and powerful work order management system to meet all your repair business requirements. Create tickets, assign jobs to repair technicians, track repair status, organize your inventory, and streamline all the repair management ongoing processes with RepairDesk.

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Automate Processes and Save Time

RepairDesk work order system for small businesses lets you automate and manage end-to-end operations at your repair shop. Create tickets, communicate with your employees, and enable them to finish the repair job quickly. Get rid of manual data entry and management methods and provide your customers with the best repair and retail experience.

Point of Sale

Using our best work order management software, sell repairs and accessories, generate invoices and collect payments, all from a single screen.

Track Repair Jobs

Track the status of repair jobs and timely update your customers. RD work order software automates workflows and modernizes repair management.

Inventory Management

RepairDesk work order and inventory management software helps you keep tabs on available parts and accessories to make sure you're always stocked up.

Integrated Parts Ordering

Work order management software allows you to order special parts and accessories from your desired vendor saving 20+ hours every month.

Increase  Profitability

Increase Revenue with More Sales

Reduce the hassle, and utilize your time to get more walk-in and mail-in customers. Work order software for small businesses enables your marketing and lead generation through smooth cross platform communication. Get queries, book appointments, send estimates, share repair updates and provide your customers with the best repair and retail experience.

Marketing Widget

With our work order management system, you can design and send emails and SMS campaigns to prospects and customers that can increase store’s footfall and online queries.

Omni-channel Communication

Enable a unified inbox experience with the best work order management software. Have conversions across FB messenger, GMB, website live chat and email from within your POS.

Online Appointments

Plug the appointment widget on your website and easily book online repair appointments using work order system for small businesses. Start conversations, share quotes, and get more jobs than ever before.

Customer Experience

Work order management software helps you organize data so you can give a personalized experience. Provide your clients with loyalty, and gift cards, which can help you retain them.

Better Insights

Monitor and Track Performance

With RD repair order software, you can track track the complete performance of your business including tracking repair jobs, employee activities, sales, business revenue, and more. Streamline everything, from inventory to payrolls to repair job history, check repair statuses, monitor employee productivity, and get business reports with rich features dnd advance modules. Work order software for small businesses won’t let you make any mistakes.

Employee Management

You can now manage your employees, evaluate their performance, and process their payrolls. RepairDesk work order management software does it all for you without any errors.

Roles and Permissions

Roles are the quickest and easiest way to manage employee permissions. Define, set, and implement different employee roles and permissions to control their access to RepairDesk.

Multi-Store Dashboard

RepairDesk work order system gives you an instant high-level overview of your business through our intuitive reporting dashboard for multi-store locations.

Business Reporting

RepairDesk work order management system helps you chart your repair shop's growth with reports including Sales, Expense and Reconciliation reports sent to your inbox daily.

Centralized Management

Manage Multiple Stores

Whether you’re a multi-store or a franchise, repair order software allows you connect all the repair stores that you manage. Transfer inventory between multiple stores and keep a record of all the repair parts and accessories. Seamlessly grow your repair business from a single store to multiple franchises.


How do I Get Started?

Share your business details with us by filling out the Form. A Product specialist will reach out to you to give to a complete consultation on how to setup your Repair Shop using RepairDesk Work Order Management software..

What Can I Manage with the Software?

The all-in one work order software helps you create and track work orders, inventory, employees, sales, and cross-platfrom communication. You can also use its POS features for an easy check-out process.

Can I Integrate RepairDesk with other Platforms?

Yes, RepairDesk is a work order software for small business like a repair shop you own.  It can be integrated with different 40+platforms, including Woocommerce, Shopify, Quickbooks, Xero, ShipStation, and many more.

How much does RepairDesk subscription cost?

Repairdesk subscription starts from as low as $99/store/month for five users. It goes up from here depending on your number of users, your chosen plans or any ad-ons that you’ve p

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