RepairDesk Integration with WooCommerce

Simplify your business using our seamless, two-way sync with WooCommerce. No more hopping between platforms, sweating about losing data.

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Never Fall Out of Sync

With the 2-way real-time sync, all product catalogs uploaded at WooCommerce get reflected in RepairDesk, while all invoices prepared in RepairDesk get updated in WooCommerce, in the now.
Any update on one platform, simultaneously updates the other.

Product information & attributes

Sync basic details of each product like its name, description, photos, and SKUs; as well as the attributes like color, size, model, etc.

Updated transactional data

Keep customers, invoices, payments, and stock in sync everywhere.

When & what to sync

Specify triggers when to sync product details like prices, stock, and description.


Sell Faster and Better

Sell faster to any online or walk-in customer easily by streamlining your repair shop’s product management process.

Publish your trade-in items

Now, sell your trade-in items to your online and walk-in customers both, hassle-free.

Connect item category with POS

Import WooCommerce products under proper categorization in your RepairDesk POS.

Customized Update

Choose to update specific products and items on demand, manually, instead of automatically.


Integrate in seconds

Connect RepairDesk and your WooCommerce store in a few simple steps. Let our easy-breezy integration take your business game to the next level.

Frequently asked questions about WooCommerce and RepairDesk

When are payments added to RepairDesk?

Once a customer has booked an order on your WooCommerce site, it will not be added to RepairDesk until you have confirmed the order from the backend. Once an order is confirmed and marked as completed, payment details for that order will be added to RepairDesk.

How long does it take to sync items from RepairDesk to WooCommerce?

RepairDesk offers instant and real-time sync between your POS and WooCommerce.

Do you provide a step-by-step guide on setting up WooCommerce integration?

Yes, check out this guide for RepairDesk Classic users, and this guide for RepairDesk 2.0 users.

Do I need SKUs for this integration to work?

In WooCommerce, a product is identified with its SKU. In case the SKU is already present in RepairDesk, then the item will be updated accordingly. Otherwise, a new item will be created within RepairDesk. Have more questions on this? Get in touch here, and our team will reach out to you.

Do I need SKUs for this integration to work?

Absolutely. RepairDesk offers deep integration with your WooCommerce product catalog. This means that your serialized items on POS will also be reflected on your store. Learn more here (1.0), and here (2.0).

Can I select some items not to be synced with WooCommerce?

Positive. You can learn more about it in a step-by-step guide here (1.0), and here (2.0).

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