RepairDesk Integration with Square

Serve customers within minutes by creating tickets in RepairDesk and accepting payments with Square.

A convenient approach for repair shop owners that makes taking payments and running your cellphone repair store easier than ever!

Multi Payment Options

Offer Multiple Payment Options to Customers

Accept anything from magstripe, chip cards, to NFC payments with Square. With the Square Stand and Magstripe Reader, customer can tap, swipe or dip cards to pay for purchased items. With the Chip Reader, connect wirelessly and accept chip cards, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Repair Tickets

Serve your customers within minutes. Select a service item, add diagnostic notes, take deposits and print a receipt all from the iPad.

Inventory Management

Keep track of inventory levels, serialize items, perform inventory count & reorder out of stock items.

24/7 Support

Get help when you are stuck anytime and from anywhere!

Secure Transactions

Each transaction contains a unique digital signature that cannot be copied.

Safe transactions

Secure Each Transaction with Square

Ensure safe transactions through a unique digital signature from within Square that cannot be copied. Square always keeps your payments encrypted from end-to-end for protection against theft.

easy set-up

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Square is a fully integrated in-person payment solution for RepairDesk POS that has built-in EMV and PCI compliance. Use current Square account or sign up for a new one to easily integrate it with RepairDesk. Follow the online setup and start selling.

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