RepairDesk and Paymentsense

Bring the convenience of quick and simple integrated payments to your business, and get more value for your time.

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Paymentsense Connect offers a new degree of reliability, swiftness and efficiency to your workflow

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Increase Value Effortlessly

Enjoy hassle-free payments that work the way they should and let you do more of what you love.

  • Integrate your cash terminal seamlessly with your POS
  • No more mis-keying – charge the right amount every time
  • Process transactions quicker
  • Cloud based tech means faster sales and less queues

Integrate Easily

Integrate your cash terminal seamlessly with your POS.

Avoid Key-in Errors

Charge the right amount every time without worrying about making key-in errors.

Make Sales On The Go

Enjoy faster sales and less queues with cloud-based technology.

Get Timely Payments

Fast payments let you get paid on time without having to wait for days.

Efficient Payment Method

Take Contactless Payments

Whether your customers are paying from their card or phone, contactless payments will bring them the fastest payment option around. Take the hassle out of working your terminal and simply have customers tap for payments, and automatically print their receipts with the press of a button.

Seamless Reporting

Access Reports Easily

Want a quick, convenient way to measure your cash flow? End-of-day reconciliations and balance reports will help you see just how much your business has gained, giving a detailed breakdown of your totals for the day. Cut down on your end-of-day activities by running reports right from your Paymentsense terminal and stay on top of your takings when reconciling payments.

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