MobileSentrix Integration

Accelerate your spare parts procurement with RepairDesk’s seamless MobileSentrix integration. Replace manual ordering and improve productivity by saving more than 20 hours monthly. 

Trusted wholesale suppliers of Apple, Samsung, and other cell phone and computer replacement parts.
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Device Spare Parts & Accessories

High-quality genuine parts from over 20 different brands at the most competitive prices. OEM parts from brands such as Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, OnePlus, Google, and more. 

Renewed Devices with Quality Servicing

Each component undergoes meticulous testing by the MobileSentrix sourcing team. When compared to the products from the same brand at other vendors, MobileSentrix guarantees superior quality thanks to the exhaustive testing process.

Fast Delivery & Late Order Cutoff

Orders can be placed until 8 PM (EST). Orders are delivered the next day depending on your selected shipping method.


How the Integration Works

Use the OrderSync application to easily import all your MobileSentrix purchase order details in one click. Using the MobileSentrix integration, you can

- Install the OrderSync App and connect your MobileSentrix account with it.

-  Shop your replacement parts from MobileSentrix and get a unique Order ID for your purchase.

- Once connected, input your MobileSentrix Order ID into RepairDesk and pull order details into RepairDesk.

- Customize product details, add retail prices, and instantly generate purchase orders.


Inventory Management & Restocking Made Easy

Gone are the days of manually adding each spare part and accessory to your inventory. Our MobileSentrix integration coupled with the OrderSync app automates your restocking process with a single click.

No Manual Entry

Automate the process of inventory updates related to quantity, prices, and SKUs. Enhance productivity and eliminate the risk of human error to grow as a repair business.

Create PO

Avoid losing customers due to stockouts. Create purchase orders using the MS integration and import your order details into RepairDesk for better insights into your inventory.

Generate GRN

Automatically create Goods Received Notes against purchase orders to keep your inventory up to date and maintain records of replacement parts and accessories in stock.

Serialized Inventory

Categorize similar items from different vendors to keep track of your inventory and improve service quality. Provide the right spare parts according to customer demand.

All the Answers You're Looking For

How does the RepairDesk OrderSync and RMG integration work?

First, you need to enable the OrderSync app as shown here. Then, connect your MobileSentrix account and get started with your purchase.

What does the MobileSentrix Warranty Cover?

The MobileSentrix lifetime warranty covers all manufacturing defects that could cause a spare part to malfunction. It does not cover damage or excessive wear and tear without any defects.