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Calendar View

With calendar view a store manager can see different type of repair jobs assigned to each technician along with available slot all in one place so you focus primarily on improving service quality, saving time and cost to grow your business.

Need more flexibility? Allow employees to view scheduled tasks and repair tickets assigned to them using Google Calendar mobile app.

Repair Queue Management

The default view displays Repair tickets based on due date instead of creation date & highlight overdue tickets with a red background so a manager or technician can easily see a ticket is overdue and immediate action is required. Once due-date or repair ticket status has been updated it automatically refreshes to reflect new data.

Email & SMS Alerts

Setup automated SMS or email alerts which triggers automatically when a repair job is completed, available for pick up, pending for parts or If you would like to send a follow up SMS, simply enter a custom message or choose canned response and add this to a work order.

As they say “An informed customer is a returning customer”.

Special Part Ordering

When a customer brings an unusual phone and parts are needed, they have to be ordered. If the phone is damaged but usable, the customer may keep the phone and bring it back for a repair appointment when the needed part arrives. To reduce unsecured cash outflow and guard against abandoned sales and (odd parts) deposits have to be taken for some or all of the part cost.

With RepairDesk, you can create a repair ticket, order a special or an out-of-stock part, take deposit & instantly create a purchase order within few clicks.

Export Tickets To CSV

With RepairDesk you can export all or selected repair tickets to a CSV file.

This can be a useful way to format data and create your own customized reports or maintain backup log of tickets so you can find information on customer device incase your internet just cut out.

One Click Warranty Claim

Want to offer 90 days or a lifetime warranty on repair parts? Use RepairDesk Warranty claim feature so that when a customer comes back with a bad part you can enter device IMEI or Serial number and check repair history, create return ticket or process warranty claim with a single click.

You will also be able to replace any services or parts used in the original repair, create RMA and waive charges for any items covered under your service warranty or guarantee. .

Centralized Ticket History

We’ve also got 'centralized ticket history' that shows diagnostic notes, staff notes or a record of any official communication you sent to customer about the ticket since its creation. This could be an SMS, email or even a phone call listed chronologically into one place, so anyone has only to go there to fully understand full history of the ticket.

One of your worst nightmares can be getting a call from a customer quoting a ticket number and being unable to locate their device - or not being able to quickly understand the ticket history.

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