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MobileSentrix Electronic Parts Ordering
Integration with RepairDesk

MobileSentrix is one of the leading suppliers of electronic parts in USA, specialized in cellphone replacement LCDs, batteries, repair tools, accessories and spare parts.

Electronic Inventory Management is crucial for any business using a Point of Sale (POS) system in order to meet customer expectation and stabilizing stock levels. We’re excited to announce integrating Mobile Sentrix with RepairDesk, a POS system engineered specifically to meet your repair shop needs.

With our RepairDesk integration, you will be able to:

Add stockout parts to your RepairDesk Purchase Order

Add parts to your shopping cart on the Mobile Sentrix Wholesale website via the RepairDesk API

View our real-time inventory levels

Automatically update your inventory by receiving goods when your order arrives

Your one-stop-solution for managing and updating your inventory, orders and parts

This intuitive integration will keep you updated as you make changes to your MobileSentrix cart and will automatically update your purchase orders, keeping you posted about any changes. Please visit our Knowledgebase for detailed step-by-step instructions.