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Industries We Serve

RepairDesk offers total repair control with an end-to-end workflow tailored for your entire repair business in one place.

Cell Phone Repair

Create tickets, generate invoices, process payments, order parts, manage inventory and much more.

Computer Repair

Repair tracking, shop management, and a suite of ad-ons to help grow your computer repair business.

Jewellery Repair
Jewelry Repair

Manage your entire jewelry repair & restoration business in one place at the speed of now.

Watch Repair

Quick ticketing system and a fast and easy checkout that works seamlessly with both repairs and retail.

Drone Repair

Serve walk-in customers, mail-in requests, and everything in between with a powerful software suite.

Mail-in Repair

Digitize your end-to-end repair workflow using custom features designed to handle mail-in repair orders.

Sell More

Accelerate Your Repair Shop Growth

Everything you need to generate more revenue and provide a great checkout experience to your customers. Sell more repairs and accessories, collect payments, purchase used smartphones and so much more.

Point of Sale

Create estimates and tickets, sell repairs and accessories, generate invoices and collect payments, all from a single screen.

RepairDesk Payments

Accept debit, credit, contactless, online or digital wallet payments and pay one flat rate with no hidden fees.

Customer Facing Display

Let your customers review items during checkout and get digital signatures on your store's terms & conditions.

Self Check-In

Save time by letting customers enter the information you need before they come to the checkout counter.

Attract Customers

Bring More People To Your Repair Shop

Powerful tools to help you increase your customer base and make more money off existing ones. Send automated emails to get feedback and generate reviews on multiple social platforms. Increase retention by offering a Loyalty Program and Store Credits.

Marketing Automation

Get more customers in the door with automated marketing campaigns made specifically for repair shops.

Online Appointments.
Online Appointments

Allow customers to schedule online appointments directly from your website.

Loyalty Program

Build your customer database, grow repeat business and increase lifetime value with a loyalty program.

Gift Cards

Boost customer retention and increase brand awareness by offering digital or plastic gift cards.

Increase efficiency

Your Shop Operations Made Easier, Better & Faster

With RepairDesk, your repair shop is on cruise control. Create and assign repair tickets, manage and organize inventory, integrate with multiple partners and get a complete overview of what's happening in your repair shop.

Repair Ticket Management

Create tickets, assign them to your technicians, monitor job progress and update customers on their repairs via Email & SMS.

Inventory Management

Organize inventory across multiple stores with a centralized product catalog.


Connect with 40+ integrations without using a single line of code.


Get a complete overview of what's happing with your repair store. Reports include product sales reports, reconciliation reports, COGS & more.

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We help repair businesses grow.

Visit the RepairDesk Blog for repair industry trends, growth strategies and product updates.

Entrepreneurial mindset

10 Common Mistakes Cell Phone Repair Business Owners Make

Amara Zulfiqar
February 6, 2021

Imagine you are opening a new store every year, and your average yearly cell phone repair business revenue per store is over $1 million. Sounds too good to be true? What if we told you that’s possible? We talked to Denis Gutsu of First Response Phone Repair, who made $1.5 million from one store in 2020. He broke down some common mistakes most repair owners make that keep them stuck in the vicious cycle.

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grow your business

THIS Is How Your Cell Phone Repair Shop Can Score A School District Contract

Amara Zulfiqar
March 16, 2021

You’ve often read on cellphone repair shop POS Facebook groups and sub-Reddits that a certain shop owner repairs 50 devices a week because he has a contract with a school. And this makes you wonder; wouldn’t it be perfect if you had some steady source of repairs as well?
We’re here to help you figure out exactly what to do to get school contracts and grow your cell phone repair business.

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