2ndLife Phones Integration

Access and order from an inventory of accurately graded and certified used devices from within RepairDesk.

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Trusted supplier of high-quality tested, graded, and fully functional used devices.
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Cosmetically Graded

Grading specialists follow clear inspection and grading guidelines to ensure quality standards

Functionally Tested

Devices undergo an extensive testing process that includes manual and software screening

Clearly Labeled & Professionally Packed

Devices are clearly labeled with their grades and are professionally packed to ensure secure delivery

Start Ordering

How the Integration works

- Visit Integrations Page on RepairDesk POS

- Enable Marketplace Integration

- Select 2ndLife Phones from trusted suppliers

- Start Ordering at Exclusive Promotional Prices

Real-time Access

Get access to a consistent inventory of high quality used phones updated in real-time

Bulk Scan Inventory

Bulk scan and populate items for hassle-free and seamless inventory setup

Process Automation

Zero manual data entry and auto-creation of Purchase Orders and GRNs

Synced Accounting

Automatic account management synced with Repairdesk Charter of Accounts

All the Answers You're Looking For

How can I order from 2ndLife Phones through RepairDesk?

To order from 2ndLife Phones you will need to activate the Marketplace Integration and enable 2ndLife Phones. To activate Marketplace, open RepairDesk POS and go to the Integrations Page. Select MarketPlace and click the enable toggle. The marketplace icon will start showing on the right side of the top ribbon. Enter marketplace and select 2ndLife Phones from the list of trusted suppliers. You have now entered the 2ndLife Phones Microsite. Order high-quality devices at the best prices.

How does 2ndLife Phones grade devices?

Each device undergoes a stringent grading process involving visual and functional testing. For visual testing, a device specialist carefully screens and assesses device condition and assigns it a grade. For functional testing, manual and software test are conducted to identify any functional limitations and failures.

Are the devices tested?

Yes - you can check test results for every device shipped to you here https://testresults.2ndlifephonesreturns.com/

What warranty does 2ndLife Phones offer on the products and is it applicable through RepairDesk as well?

2ndLife Phones offers a 90-day, full refund policy to make sure you get the products you expected. This policy is limited to 30 days during new product launch times and is clearly mentioned on the invoice. The warranty claims apply to all RepairDesk merchants.

What is the 2ndLife Phones Returns policy?

You can file a return online at https://www.2ndlifephonesreturns.com/. The RMA policy gives you 90 days to return a device. Refunds or credits vary during times of new product launches and are clearly mentioned on the sales order sent to you prior to payment.

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