ReVamp Wholesale Integration
with RepairDesk

ReVamp Wholesale is a leading wireless repair parts and accessories distributor with a great community dedicated to
supplying customers with the top quality repair parts in USA.

Now never run out of stock and order parts on the go with ReVamp Wholesale E-Ordering Integration.

Increase Productivity

Streamline Your Inventory Management

View real-time inventory levels & product cost from the best cell phone repair parts suppliers Revamp Wholesale. Make changes to your ReVamp cart and get updates on your RepairDesk purchase order with prompts for any changes or additions.

Premium Quality Parts

Add high quality stocked out phone parts to your RepairDesk purchase order.

Easy Add-to-cart Feature

Add cell phone parts to your shopping cart on the ReVamp Wholesale website via the RepairDesk API.

Intelligent Product Mapping with RepairDesk

View real-time ReVamp Wholesale inventory levels in RepairDesk.

Hassle-Free Inventory Updates

Automatically updates your inventory via receiving goods when your order arrives.

Seamlessly Integrate

Quick & Easy Checkout

Download all or selected SKUs from Revamp Wholesale website with product category, product name, brand, device model, product image, and unit cost within a few clicks. One tap on a purchase order in RepairDesk will send items to Revamp Wholesale Shopping cart.

All the Answers You're Looking For

Can I select multiple categories, multiple manufacturers, and multiple devices while running the import wizard?

Yes. it is possible to select multiple categories, multiple manufacturers and multiple devices during the import process.

When a new SKU is added to ReVamp Wholesale Website can I get a notification alert within RepairDesk?

Whenever a new SKU is added on ReVamp Wholesale website, you will receive an alert within RepairDesk so that you can add new SKUs to your inventory with few clicks. It will redirect you to integration page where you can select SKUs and add to inventory.

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