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RepairDesk POS Register is a point of sale application designed for modern retail.

95% of cellphone repair stores are retail based now. They need a quick check-in and fast checkout process that is easy, convenient and can be learned in minutes.

This robust solution gives you complete control of your business – cash register, inventory, customer signatures, payments – all from your iPad.

A full suite of retail features at your fingertips

Repair Tickets

Serve your customers within minutes. Select a service item, add diagnostic notes, take deposits and print a receipt directly using STAR TSP 100 all from your iPad.

Multi Store

Manage multiple locations through a robust dashboard that keeps you in the loop about all KPIs at each location. “BE EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME!”

Inventory Control

Track actual inventory costs using Serialized, FIFO, LIFO or Weighted Average Cost method and monitor product levels so you’re never low on stock.

Customer Facing Display

Display order details to capture customer signatures that indicates their acceptance before or after a repair is completed using a secondary tablet.

Shift Management

Take control of your register & track cash movements between different shifts using transaction log to reduce error, theft & discrepancy.

Accept Payments

Accept a variety of payment options (including Apple Pay(®) using Square.

RepairDesk POS Register is highly intuitive, easy to use and
not to mention fast!

Here is a preview of some of the smart features that can help increase your business efficiency.

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Loved by hundreds of cellphone stores worldwide

But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our customers say.

What Our Client Says

RepairDesk has changed the way we do business at Techrevive by automating work flow and with an intuitive layout that even the newest of staff members can navigate.

RepairDesk is offered at half the price of its competitors and has a very active development and customer support team who care about the platform. This is unusual and was non existent in 3 prior repair shop systems we have used.
Will Arden - Tech Revive Australia

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