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Multi Store Dashboard

Our intuitive reporting dashboard for multi store location gives a high level overview of your business insights.Step in to the world of smart reporting and know exactly where you stand across all of your stores during a day or a week so you can make better decisions.

Transaction log

Keep an eye on sales activity between different shifts using transaction log report that shows all the transactions you did in a day so you can confirm payments, reduce error, theft & discrepancy.

Reconciliation Report

Keep track of cash, offline credit card and bank cheque reconciliation with precise reporting of payments, refunds, net cash and more. Increase your business revenue with better reporting system.

Sales Summary

Sales summary report gives complete visibility on each of your inventory items sold within the time range you specify, order type and number of orders for each type so you can gauge store’s sales performance.

Cost of Goods Sold

We have augmented the effectiveness of business insights by allowing customers to keep an eye on Cost of Goods Soldin their inventory. Get a snapshot of your business’s profitability so that you can save money on taxes and improve profits.

Employee Productivity

Determine performances of your employees in a more efficient and elegant way. Set sales targets, track time spent on a certain repair, number of repair redo’s or returns against each technician. Keep an eye on time utilization by each employee and sales generated with Employee Productivity Report.

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