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Inventory Control

Take the pain out of one of retail’s biggest jobs & have your inventory management on cruise control. RepairDesk keeps track of inventory levels and notifies the business when a phone part is low and needs to be replenished so they can order parts with a single click using ReVamp Wholesale E-Ordering Integration.

These tools enable owners to forecast demand and maintain adequate inventory at all times so you can focus on growing business and worry less about paper work.

Serialized Inventory

RepairDesk allows you to assign unique serial number to each unit of an item as some of you might sell contract free mobile phones, refurbished handsets, sim cards, cell phone parts or batteries & need a place in inventory section where you can record information such as serial number or IMEI so that when an inventory item of a product is a received, it can be set to “serialized” and a serial number can be recorded.

This allow you to differentiate a same product from different suppliers and have clear traceability of your stock; starting from receiving an item to when it’s sold to a customer.

Inventory Counts

Have you ever experienced shortage of inventory even though you thought you had sufficient stock? Take the guess work out of inventory management and use inventory counts that help you perform physical stock takes to ensure that your inventory is up to date.

Manage Repairs & Inventory Bundle

Unlike a traditional inventory management system you can classify repair services separately with an option to bundle inventory items which is especially useful so that your technician does not have to select ticket item whenever they work on a repair ticket.

Buy & Sell Pre-Owned Devices

Buying & selling of Pre-Owned handsets is an emerging trend which has generated $7 Billion in profits & expected to double in the US alone. With RepairDesk you can purchase used, damaged working or fully damaged phones using Trade-In module. Once a customer comes to sell their device simply add customer & device details, in take customer signature, collect a deposit and print invoice with store terms & conditions.

To add further value, you can also add refurbishment cost when you take in a trade in, say it needs a screen before it can be sold to calculate the total cost invested.


Setting up tax can be a complex matter, but not with RepairDesk as it allows you to customize tax handling for different cities, states or countries.

With RepairDesk you can either charge tax on the entire product, perform a tax exempt transaction or simply charge tax against part used for a repair.

Import or Export Product Catalogue

Inventory import has never been easier. With RepairDesk you can easily import or export inventory items across all or an individual store.

This helps you to save time, eliminate errors and extra data entry.

Print Barcode & Labels

Tracking down inventory items become highly efficient with the help of barcode labeling. Create and print barcode label for inventory items using DYMO label write 450 or import existing barcodes so you can easily add products to sale

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