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Employee Time Tracking

At RepairDesk we love anything that will save you time. With easy to use employee time tracking feature you can track employee time who works remotely or between different shifts from any location, using any device, in real time so they are paid exactly what they are due.

Employee’s can clock in / out using any device by entering their “Access PIN”

Employee Roles & Permissions

Roles are the quickest and easiest way to manage employee permissions. Define, set and implement different employee roles and permissions to control their access to RepairDesk.

Restrict Employee Access To RepairDesk Based On IP

Reduce theft and restrict employee access via IP address so they can access RepairDesk within store only.

Switch User Profile

During repairs employees need to quickly access their profile. So instead of logging off and logging in to a different profile, RepairDesk allows you to quickly switch user profiles with a 4-digit Access PIN. It requires no username or password and employee can switch to his or her profile within seconds.

Employee Productivity Report

Now you can determine performances of your employees in a more efficient and elegant way.

Set sales target for the employees, or track how much time an employee spent on a certain repair vs estimated time, number of repair redos or returns against each technician so you can analyze which employees are taking a lot longer than is estimated and so would need training or possibly those who are doing it too fast and possibly not doing a good job.

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