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ReVamp Wholesale Electronic Parts Ordering Integration

ReVamp Wholesale is a leading wireless repair parts and accessories distributor with a great community dedicated to supplying customers with the top quality repair parts in USA!

While creating a purchase order you can view real-time stock level & price information from ReVamp and order out of stock parts with a single click.

Say Hello To Appointment Calendar

As a business owner, you know that scheduling appointments with customers can take a lot of your time. Sending emails back and forth, playing phone tag and reminding people to show up can clutter your day and keep you from the more important work of growing your business. ​

To help make appointment scheduling simpler and more efficient for you, your staff and customers, use appointment calendar widget that enable customers to book repair appointments through your website.

Repair Tracker

Give power to your customers with Repair Tracker Widget, allowing them to check the status of repair job in real time straight forward your website and download copy invoices.

Integration is straight forward. Just create a blank html page, generate iFrame code and paste inside source tab of WYSIWYG editor.

Allow Customers To Receive Quote on Used Devices With Buyback Widget

With this widget you will be surprised how easy the process of purchasing devices is. Customers will be able to search for their device, select device condition and with our clever search system receive instant quote on their device with pre-set buy prices right from your website.

Improve Check-In Speed Using Customer Self Check-In Widget

Speed up repair booking process & use customer self check-in widget to capture device information & intake customer digital signature.

Print out a label automatically via Google Cloud or Printnode once a customer fills up the inquiry form.

In-Take Customer Signature Before & After Repair With Customer Facing Display Widget

Customer Facing Display is your perfect companion that allow you to streamline checkout, display order details & save customer’s signature on a work order using a secondary tablet.

Google Cloud Print & Print Node Integration

Use Google Cloud Print or PrintNode to send print jobs instantly to your local printer so that whenever you create a repair ticket it prints out a ticket label, docket receipt or a full invoice automatically using connected printers.

With PrintNode, 99% of all print jobs are printed in under half a second. You won't find yourself watching your print queue grow as jobs slowly make their way across the net.

Manage your accounts with Xero Integration

If you are a user of Xero and want to connect it to your POS system, then RepairDesk is the best available option. Keep your RepairDesk data synced to your Xero file or import your data from Xero.

Allow you to accept credit/debit cards swiping with BlueFin, Stripe or Cyan

We know that customer satisfaction is important to you. In RepairDesk, allow your customers to pay with credit/debit cards by integrating RepairDesk with BlueFin, Stripe or Cyan.

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