Lead the Cloud POS revolution!

RepairDesk is changing the means of how mobile store owners conduct their day-to-day operations around the globe. Mobile store owners are now looking towards the cloud for more thrifty and proficient ways to operate their stores. However, they will require assistance in making this transition. Partner with RepairDesk to optimize your reseller or consulting business with a skyrocketed cloud based Point-of-Sale. Get Client Referrals, Grow Additional Revenue Streams and Lead the POS revolution like a Pro!

Charge implementation Fee

Partner with RepairDesk to grow your consulting business. Charge implantation fee, receive
client referrals, grow new revenue streams, and lead the cloud revolution.

Charge for your Expertise

Initiate new supplementary services and charge for your expertise and time consumed.

Earn 20% ongoing commission

Earn 20% ongoing commission for the 12 months of your active RepairDesk clients.

Partner dashboard.

Track your leads and commission with ease, access marketing resources and guides, and stay up to date with the latest happenings. Get a featured listing in RepairDesk’s searchable Expert Directory. Receive valuable client referrals from RepairDesk.

Promotion & Reseller.

Get a featured listing in RepairDesk searchable Expert Directory
& receive valuable client referrals.