What makes RepairDesk your best choice?

Point of sale System

An ideal solution for techs that work on a lot of different jobs in a day with its full integration with repair tickets, inventory, trade-ins & unlocking. Deal with walk in customers quickly or attach customers to transactions to help track loyal customers. At POS, items are quickly scanned with an option to generate ticket label, receipt or full invoice.

Customer Relationship Management

RepairDesk also helps you build long term relations, which may enhance repeat purchase. This can be achieved by keeping a track of all your customers, with easy to use organizing tools. With just a click, all payment history and current balance can be displayed. Moreover, to keep customers in the loop at all stages, they are reached via Email and SMS.


Ticketing System, Keeping track of everything.


Repair Ticket

RepairDesk has an inbuilt tool that enables you to monitor the ins and outs of your business. Workflow management and productivity are its key features. Receipts and invoices enhance efficiency by backing everything that goes in or comes out the system.

Inventory Management

Repair desk makes inventory management a walk in the park for a cell phone repair shop. It enables customers to track their inventory at any stage with ease, giving you low stock alerts for your benefit. To save you from time-consuming manual entry system, RepairDesk is also equipped with easy CSV import/export with the help of barcode labeling to track down inventory items


Go as big as you want to

Set up as many stores as you like

The multi store option helps you manage more than one business points from a single application. Integrate as many stores as you like into your application and view and manage activities of all stores from s single platform

Concise reporting and analytical tools

Repair desk helps you view numerous reports based on Key Performance Indicators which will help in gauging the performance of your business at any given point. The reports will entail information on all vital aspects of your business including staff, sales, inventory, customers etc..


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