14 Feb
5 Smart Tips on How to Bring the Best Out of Your Employees

Best out of your employees As a repair shop owner, one of your biggest responsibilities (other than running your repair shop smoothly) is to inspire other people to be the best versions of themselves. A motivated employee creat....
31 Jan
7 Key Tips on Effective Time Management in Retail Business

Time Management Managing time effectively has always been a tough challenge to almost everyone, especially for business owners. Because entrepreneurs are ultimately responsible for every aspect of their business, all....
24 Jan
5 Inventory Management Tips That’ll Save You Money

inventory management When you run a cell phone repair shop, you already know, there’re plenty of inventory items, repair parts, accessories and other things to handle. Inventory management is not easy on the mind as one....
20 Dec
18 Dec
10 Dec
How to grow your business with RepairDesk Lite?

RepairDesk Lite A perfect solution designed for small electronic businesses! So, you’ve successfully launched your retail business, got the stock parts, set up a place to offer repairs, and more people around you ....