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How Field Technicians Can Benefit from a Field Service Mobile App

How Field Technicians Can Benefit from a Field Service Mobile App

Field service is a form of repair that’s been around for quite some time now, and field technicians require updates in technology to make their work more efficient. Visiting someone’s home to fix a gadget, appliance or personal item is more commonplace now than ever, thanks to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic. This requires field technicians to use some sort of field service mobile app to carry out their repair jobs when out and about.

The nature of field or onsite repairs requires visits to people’s homes and other places. This means that field service technicians not only have to keep their equipment mobile, but also find a way to communicate effectively with their main office. For this purpose, a field service mobile app can prove very beneficial. It provides a range of benefits that are designed to enable mobile field technicians to do their job effectively and conveniently.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits a field service mobile app can provide.

Field service mobile apps are simple and streamlined

For field technicians, having software that is simple and straightforward is a necessity. Because they’re constantly on the move, any operations that they perform will have a certain degree of inaccuracy and urgency. Therefore, any field service mobile app that is created for them needs to be as simple and streamlined as possible.

Being on-site for a job, a field service technician will need the essentials for their work. They perform the repairs right on the spot, and bill customers while on their feet. A field technician doesn’t have the luxury of space and time that a normal computer repair or cellphone repair shop employee would have. Since they are faced with these circumstances, the software that they use needs to be designed around this ‘no frills’ idea.

Field service mobile apps provide that sort of convenience to them. The app carries the absolute basic and most-used functionality front and center, and the design language is big and visible, similar to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The idea here is to have elements that are easily identifiable for faster access, and that can compensate for inaccurate inputs. Moreover, they’re easy to use and fairly intuitive, allowing for field service technicians to take care of the job with maximum efficiency.

RepairDesk Field Service Mobile App

They provide better coordination with the main store’s workflow

Technicians out in the field won’t have access to the exact same repair shop software that you have at your main office. They have to make to with something that runs on their phones or mobile devices instead. Of course, there’s a lot of precise technical information that needs to be processed on-site, and a mobile app designed for field service can take care of the job.

With a field service mobile app, you can accurately record data on any repair that you’re doing while you’re on the move. The sort of information required by your fully-fledged repair shop software can easily be managed by a dedicated mobile app. It can help you fill out pre- and post-repair checklists, take pictures of the situation before and after repairs, and add diagnostic notes to a repair ticket. This sort of stuff would be a real hassle to manage in any other note-taking app, but a field service mobile app is able to process it no problem.

Best of all, most field service apps are designed to communicate with the software at your repair store. So, anything that you enter there can easily be uploaded to your main store’s repair software with ease. This sort of convenience allows field technicians to work much better and cuts down on unnecessary paperwork.

They allow you to bill customers & collect payments remotely

Collecting payment in the age of COVID-19 is one of the most troublesome things around. Obviously, cash is now near-unacceptable, since we can’t really touch things much. Since physical transfer is out the window, we’re left with digital payments, and mobile apps can definitely help there.

With a field service mobile app, you can easily charge customers for their repairs online by sending them an invoice via email. When the invoice reaches the customer, they can use the options within to pay for it online, thus removing the need to hand over money physically. This makes it a whole lot more convenient and safer. What’s more, all payments will be automatically logged into the system, and will appear both on your mobile app and your repair store’s systems. You’ll be able to effectively collect payments and have the records for it even while you’re on the move.

Learn More About Payments

Final words

A mobile app for field service repairs is great for technicians thanks to all the benefits it provides. You’re able to create tickets, collect necessary data, fill out paperwork and bill your customers without having to go back to the store and use a desktop system. Not only does this save time, but it also creates a very efficient and streamlined workflow for your repair store.

If you’re looking to optimize your cellphone or computer repair store processes even further, we highly recommend you check out RepairDesk. Our repair shop POS software makes it really easy to create tickets and invoices, manage inventory, deal with customers, and run your store smoothly overall. It’s also got the perfect companion in our dedicated field service mobile app, a fully-featured application on Android and iOS that lets you run field service operations with ease.

Get RepairDesk Mobile App for iOSGet RepairDesk Mobile App for Android

You’ll have complete peace of mind and an excellent workflow that takes care of all the trivial stuff while you focus on growing your business. Sign up now for a free 14 day trial and see what your repair store can do with RepairDesk.

5 Actionable Ideas to Promote Your Computer Repair Business

5 Actionable Ideas to Promote Your Computer Repair Business

You know what you’re doing when it comes to repairing a damaged device. Be it upgrading the hardware of an old computer or software installation in the brand-new systems. Even if it is one of the most complex tasks, you and your team are the pro technicians in the computer repair business industry. But wait! It’s just you, your staff, and the systems. Nobody else knows that.

It is not wrong to say that technical skills are undoubtedly a must-have, but having the skills isn’t enough to step into a computer repair business. The success of a computer repair shop depends on the pool of loyal customers. And how to get those clients? The answer is simple. Tell the world about what you do. How you do it. How good you are at what you do, and how can you help them.

Don’t Block the Road to Communication

One of the best ways to let people know about your computer repair business is to be friendly and open to discussions. The more courteously you communicate your workflow to the people, the more they will feel attracted to you. Don’t just focus on sales. Concentrate on knowing your audience. When a customer visits your repair shop or is waiting in the queue for checkout, initiate an open and friendly conversation with them. Look for opportunities where you can help them in more incredible ways, and that’ll be the most powerful tool to market your repair business.

Declare Your Repair Specialization

Remember the good old proverb ‘jack of all trades and master of none?’ Well, that holds true for repair stores as well.

It is undoubtedly true that your team and computer repair business should excel in a particular field. There must be a goal or motive that you follow. It can be a specialization in some area of cellphone or computer repair. The reason is that people always prefer experts.

From medical staff to technical repairmen, you need to show off your specialty. You can offer even fewer repair services. Data recovery, tackling malware issues, or upgrading hardware can be good options for your business to gain expertise.


Increase Your Local Visibility

It would be best if you have local visibility. It is the simplest but most effective way of promotion. People living around need to know that you exist in your service area. No matter which marketing channel you use; digital, traditional, old school, new school, social media, community forums, flyer distributions, or anything. You have to promote yourself.

Without visibility, you are no one to anyone!

If you have allotted some budget for your computer repair business marketing, you can use classified ads in the local newspaper. Another way is to give out leaflets. A few flyers left on the counter of a friendly shopkeeper can go a long way. You can also add special offers to your brochures or for people who mention your ad to make them more attractive.

Go an Extra Mile in Customer Experience

The best advertising is advertising that comes from the mouths of satisfied customers. Personalize their visit to your repair shop and take the time to make them feel welcome. Most importantly, offer them a fast service. Here’s how to do a little extra to make your service special.

If you can give their damaged device a noticeable improvement in five minutes, go for it. Let’s say, for instance, clean up their system after adding a new hardware device. 

Sell Pre-Paid Service Packages

The most acceptable avenues to capture customers’ love are not very hard to construct these days. Selling the correct pre-paid service packs can be a direct promoter of customer loyalty and love. RepairDesk can help you with this. You can offer mobile top-ups, bill payments services, etc. using our computer repair shop POS software. Get started with a FREE trial right now and stand out from the crowd. 

Sign Up for a 14-day FREE Trial

Repair store owners can also offer inventory and repair bundles, and you will see a surge in your day-to-day sales. Customers will know in advance what they are paying for, which keeps them free of worries.

Participate in Local Events

If you are new in the computer repair market, events are the right spots for leaving back some magic. Take out time and divide your team members to attend tech events or locally-hosted sessions of technology. Use them brilliantly to engage reputed people in business and interested people from all walks of life. Besides providing quality services, meeting people, and convincing them to go with you for their repair needs. If fate may serve you, you may get a deal in the same setting.

Other than the events, you can reach out to vendors and other reputed businesses in the repair industry. Do not think of this plan as something absurd. Continue with this great thought process and look around in the market for some reliable business partners. Inventory vendors, payment solution providers, repair parts businesses, etc. can be suitable for your promotional intentions.

Make Time for Marketing

It’s important to make marketing a part of your regular schedule. Set aside a few hours each week to connect with current and potential clients, post on your social media accounts, and otherwise promote your business.

RepairDesk makes your life easier by helping you manage your work effortlessly and with just a few clicks. We have everything – from creating repair tickets to inventory management and more. Get a FREE trial of our repair shop POS software for your cellphone repair shop and see it for yourself Good Luck! 

8 Mistakes Every Computer Repair Technician Needs to Avoid

8 Mistakes Every Computer Repair Technician Needs to Avoid

Computer repair is a challenging field, and you need to be very aware of what you’re doing as a computer repair technician. People will eventually face problems with their computers, and they will come to you for help. It could be their internet not working, their programs running slow, their operating system suddenly being corrupted. These are issues that many people face and can’t always resolve on their own. However, if you want to fix it for them, you’ll need to be mindful of some of the pitfalls of computer repair.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the mistakes that computer repair technicians will need to avoid for successful repairs. These tips can help you repair computers much better, and as a result, gain more customers. While they differ from the biggest challenges that computer repair shops face, they are nevertheless extremely important. Let’s begin.

Always perform basic diagnostics first

Most of the time, people tend to have issues with their computers that are very basic and simple in nature. It could be anything like their laptop failing to catch any WiFi signals, or their audio suddenly not coming out. These problems can be easily remedied by performing basic diagnostics.

When taking a computer in for repair, always look for the common issues first. It doesn’t matter how simple it may seem, checking for the usual culprits could actually make your work easier. People have a tendency to assume the worst with their computers and call in for repairs. However, the problem may be very basic and can be easily identified with a basic diagnostic test.

We recommend creating a sort of checklist for your basic diagnosis. Listing down the usual tests that cover all bases is a good idea. It gets you to diagnose the device quicker and perform repairs faster. Any computer repair technician worth their salt would do well to implement something like this.

Don’t misdiagnose the problem

While doing a basic check on the system you’re repairing is a good idea, it’s important that you get it right. More often than not, you can end up misdiagnosing the problem if your research isn’t good.

When working with a new system or device, always make sure you’re well-read on how it works. Not all devices work the same, even if they’re made by the same manufacturer. Differences in components, build, software, etc. means that you won’t find a holistic solution for each problem. It’s best to know what you’re up against and how to deal with it if you want to get your diagnosis right. Better to not waste any time on repairs, and instead improve your computer repair service.

Prepare the right tools for testing and repair

If you’re going to diagnose and work on repairs correctly, you need the right tools for the job. Some systems require extensive testing to trace down problems, and tools that can do those in-depth tests will be necessary.

There are a lot of tools that can be used for different purposes. For example, if you want to check the thermals for your system, using a thermographic camera would be an ideal solution. It lets you track temperatures with the system based on the zone you’re pointing at, letting you see thermals appropriately. Similarly, if you’re going into microsoldering, you will need a good microscope to see what you need to repair. And let’s not forget that disinfecting your systems is important, for which you’ll need cleaning materials.

This doesn’t just apply to hardware, though; you’ll also need the right software for computer repairs. Boot diagnostics can give you information on a computer’s state when it first boots up. Software like CPU-Z or tools like ‘lsvpd’ for Linux can give you detailed stats on your hardware and OS. Remember, as a computer repair technician, you should always be prepared.

Always use security software

Many computer owners don’t feel the need to install security software onto their systems. To them, security software tends to slow down their systems and isn’t worth the hassle. This ironically leaves them exposed to vulnerabilities that would slow down their computers anyway. It’s a problem that is fairly common, but a good computer repair technician will always have an answer for it.

Having a computer that is infested with viruses, malicious code, or is generally unprotected is a bad time. That’s why having security software around is a good idea. Using security suites can take care of all the malicious intrusions that a system faces, and makes repairing it much easier.

Back up data before repairs

Repairing systems can sometimes result in things being broken. If a person isn’t familiar with how computer systems work, they could end up making their computers unbootable. Worse still, there’s a chance that all their precious data will be lost forever.

When working on computer repairs, it’s always a good idea to backup important data so you don’t lose anything major. This can be done through a variety of methods; setting hard drives in RAID 1 to get an exact copy, creating system images, backing up to the cloud, etc. Many operating systems do have a system restore option, but it’s always better to go for a more reliable solution. Losing data can be soul-crushing, and your customers mostly wouldn’t want that under any circumstances.

Use trusted computer repair technician guides

This ties into our earlier point of doing your research when repairing. Fixing computers is not often a simple task, and fixing it properly requires knowledge of what you’re doing. While many other enthusiasts may have posted YouTube videos or shared snippets in message boards, they’re not guaranteed solutions.

When working on repairing a computer, you’re better off following a trusted guide from a professional computer repair technician. This could be from the company’s official site, or from third-party services like iFixit. Getting detailed schematics and instructions is going to be important, and it needs to be from a reliable source. This guarantees maximum reliability and minimum hassle, making your repairs much easier.

Don’t forget testing after repairs

When performing computer repairs (or any repair in general), it’s always a great idea to test after you’ve taken care of everything. Making sure everything is working properly is important, especially after you’ve opened a system and tinkered around with it.

It’s a good idea to prepare a post-repair checklist, similar to the one from before you begin your repairs. Run your usual diagnostics on the system, and make sure everything is working properly. Usually, issues arise when you’ve already finished with the repairs and wrapped things up, so make sure you test afterward to avoid any inconveniences.

Practice general safety

This one is pretty much a no-brainer, but it’s worth mentioning nonetheless. Whenever you’re working with any electronic equipment, always remember to practice safety. Make sure that the components you’re working on are disconnected from their power source. Do not keep any liquids nearby as a safety precaution. Working with latex gloves would be helpful since they will protect you from dirt and germs. Also, beware of static that can build up over time, and make sure you take the necessary precautions for it. You should make it a good practice to ground yourself so that any static electricity can safely pass to the earth. That way, you won’t face a shock when fixing up computers. And remember that keeping yourself protected from COVID-19 is just as important as anything else.


It’s easy to make mistakes as a computer repair technician when working on systems. Repairing certainly isn’t a simple process, and there is so much going on that you’re bound to miss something. With these pointers, however, you can avoid the most common mistakes technicians end up making. Consider improving your workflow with these tips, and you’ll be repairing computers with no worries.

If you really want to keep your workflow on point, we recommend that you give RepairDesk a shot. RepairDesk is an all-in-one repair management solution that takes care of all your repair needs. You’ll be able to easily catalog repairs, schedule them in your pipeline, and even add pre- and post-repair checklists. Just like we mentioned earlier! RepairDesk gives you unprecedented control of your repair shop, making it easy to follow up on everything from tickets to invoicesinventory orders to employee management, and much more. Sign up now for a free 14-day trial, and see for RepairDesk makes life so much easier for you. With RepairDesk, there’s nothing to slow your business down as it keeps on growing.

FreePBX & RepairDesk: Making Incoming Calls Informed!

FreePBX & RepairDesk: Making Incoming Calls Informed!

What does your team normally ask when customers call at your store?

“How can I help you?”

“Do you have anything to repair or upgrade?”

“Can I help you with any broken device?”

Or, you ask them who they are and what are they calling for, right?

But, not anymore!

RepairDesk has overcome this ambiguity with our new “FreePBX integration” in the web app.

We know that repair stores get many inquiries over the phone, and to automate this process, our latest integration with FreePBX can help you manage it.

What is a PBX system?

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, which in simple terms means a private telephone network. Whether you’re a small repair business or an established one, a PBX system will undoubtedly be great for your store. Still not clear about it? Head on over to our blog post on Why your repair store needs a PBX system?

What to Expect from FreePBX Integration in RepairDesk?

It is simple and easy to set up. Once you’ve enabled the FreePBX integration, RepairDesk will act as a caller ID and show you important customer information. This makes it easier to know who is calling and for what, so you can understand your customers better. So, whenever your customer calls, you’ll be able to:

  • Get Real-Time Call Alerts to Pop up
  • Review Customer Information Instantly
  • Respond to Customers’ Queries on the Spot


Sounds interesting? Let us tell you more.

Whether you’re a large-scale business or just starting out, you can’t go wrong with a system that takes care of it. Learn more about the integration on; RepairDesk FreePBX Integration.

FreePBX Integration

A Scenario to Imagine with FreePBX Integration:

For example, let’s say you’re busy at your repair shop’s counter, dealing with other customers, and the phone starts ringing. You get frustrated but manage to receive the call. And here’s what happens next:


You: Hello, ABC repair shop. How may I help you?

Customer on Call: Hi, I’m your x-customer, and I want to ask about my repair order status. Can you please update me on it?

You: Sure, Gimme a min. Stay on the call, and I’ll get back to you.

Customer at Counter: Can you please hurry up? I need to reach somewhere.

You: Sure, give me a min, sir! (in your mind) What the heck!

You open multiple tabs in your system and start scrolling down the records to find that x-customer’s details.

Customer on Call: Hey? Can you please tell me the total amount payable? I just forgot about it.

In a rush, you tell the x-customer the wrong details, and he hangs up. Additionally, you forget to print the invoice for the customer standing on the counter.

Customer at Counter: (thoroughly annoyed) Is this how you deal with all your customers? This repair shop is a big NO for me if I ever need to get my device repaired.

So? Do you want to be a big disappointment for your team, or do you want to play it smart?

Obviously! You want to play it smart and fast.

That’s exactly what our new FreePBX integration does: it helps you run your repair shop faster and smarter, so you never have to face another issue like this again.


Let’s now revisit the above scenario:

(phone rings)

A pop up will appear on your repair shop POS software with the customer’s name and ticket status, so you don’t have to ask for it or find it in the system. You can rather surprise your caller by answering the phone with their name! Here’s how:

You: Hello, x-customer! What’s up? How can I help you?

Customer on Call: (impressed already because you addressed him with his name) Hello, can you please update me on my device’s status?

(You’ll click on “View Ticket” to get into the customer’s details.)

You: (without any delays) We’re happy to tell you that your device is repaired and is ready to pick up.

Customer on Call: That was quick, thank you so much. I’ll visit your repair shop tomorrow and will clear the dues.

You: Sure, sir! Have a good day. (and you continue to serve customers on the counter without disrupting your workflow.)

“Be more professional with your customers calling for an update on their repairs.”

Your POS software is here to make you look professional to win your customers’ hearts. We have engineered the PBX integration to help you best answer those repair queries on the phone.

Here’s how you improve customer experience, gain customer loyalty, and enhance client satisfaction without any effort. Sign up for the FREE Trial of RepairDesk and create your FreePBX account to start with this awesome integration.

Sign Up for a 14-day FREE Trial


We hope you have fun impressing your customers out the first time you use this phone integration. 😂


Guide to Start and Grow Your Phone Repair Business in 2020

Guide to Start and Grow Your Phone Repair Business in 2020

Are you planning to start a cell phone and computer repair business? Welcome to the million-dollar phone repair industry, you’re gonna love it! 

Putting your mind straight that you are starting a repair business is an exciting thing for sure, but that excitement is followed by a lot of hassles. So we’ll try to help you navigate through those hassles, so you can build the business of your dreams.

Things you need to kick start your business

Let’s first go through all the things you will require to do the initial setup of your business, shall we?

A resource to repair cell phones and computers (of course). If you have a knack for repairing things yourself, awesome! If not, you need to get outside help and hire a repair technician.

The best tech toolkit to repair all kinds of devices. Most repair experts use and recommend iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit.

Repair parts inventory. In case you are planning to run a home-based phone repair business for a start, the best way is to contact a local repair parts vendor. But if you are going for a full-dress store, better order your inventory from the top repair parts suppliers

Repair ticketing and invoicing system. It’s crucial to have a professional mechanism of creating tickets and receipts for customer repairs. It’s not just about writing down the customer’s name, contact details, device type, and repair problem, not at all.  You have to update the status of repair as you go with it, update the customer, except payment, deal with refund or warranty claims (hope not), etc. So, if you were planning to manage your ticketing and invoicing processes with pen and paper, drop that thought right now.

It’s 2020 folks and you are starting a tech business, why do things with such old school methods? Get yourself a repair shop software and use its automation solution for every store management hassle. 

With a POS software, this repair ticketing and invoicing thing will be a child’s play for you. You’ll not only be able to create, print, and email instant repair tickets and invoices, but the system will also send automatic email and SMS notifications to your customers every time you update the status of their repairs. Plus, you won’t have to stress about all the papers, everything will be recorded and kept safe in a software.

Payment System to start and grow your phone repair businessCard payments system. Pretty sure you did not think of this in your business plan. (Gotcha!) Not every customer is going to pay you with cash, now are they? You will have to deal with card payments and you need a reliable payment solution for that. 

Well, guess what? RepairDesk has an integrated payment system that you can use to accept all kinds of card payments. Wait, that’s not it. You can even email the invoices to your customers and take online payments with RepairDesk Payments

Learn More About Payments

Sales catalog. One thing you need to understand, before jumping into the phone repair industry, is that numbers matter in this line of business. You have to stay updated with your sales numbers at all times by knowing how much is going in and out of your cash drawers and bank account. 

You can daily record your sales in a spreadsheet and spend hours on calculating your taxes, completed and pending payments, and profits. Or, you can cut down this manual work with the sales reporting of a repair shop software. Your choice!

Make sure you check all the things off of this list. And remember, doing everything on their own is one of the main reasons why phone repair businesses fail. So, avoid that by using a smart POS software like RepairDesk and take the best start of your phone repair business.

Get your first customer

What is the next thing you need once you are all done with setting up your brick and mortar store? Sales. You cannot just sit around all day and wait for customers to walk into your store all by themselves. You have to put in some work to get your first customer at your phone repair store.

Use your connections to make a list of your potential customers and send them emails or, even better, ring them up. Cook up some product and service deals and market them on your social media pages to grab people’s attention. Put your best deals out on the front face of your store. Hire a guy to dress up like an iphone and hand people the flyers of your store. Just go crazy with it!

Build your customer base

Even when you do build your initial customer base, don’t stop trying creative ideas to attract more and more customers. 

Play smart and use your existing customers to bring you new ones by selling them your store gift cards that they can give to their friends and family. Ask your customers to share their repair stories on their social media pages and tag you in those posts. Offer a referral discount to the customers who refer your store to others and bring you sales. 

Customer base to grow your phone repair businessKeep your social media pages active by uploading pictures of your recent repairs, new deals, and offers. Run interesting contests and host giveaways, do whatever it takes to gain people’s attention with the magic of social media.

Reach out to the local schools and college in your community and offer them bulk computer repair services. Set up a contract and make them your permanent customers. You can use third-party billing feature of your repair shop software to manage all repairs of such customers. 

Also, don’t forget to integrate an online appointment booking widget on your store website to get repair leads.

No matter how extensive your clientele gets, you can trust your repair shop software for customer management. Add as many customer profiles as you need, create customer groups, set discounts for particular customers, etc.

Hire employees for your store operations

You may start your business as a one-man-show, but sooner or later you are going to need a workforce to help you manage your operations. So, don’t exhaust yourself with all the work and hire employees for your repair business.

Take a professional technician on-board to go for repairs in your customers’ homes, offices, etc. to make the most out of on-site repair services. Procure a resource to deal with all your sales as well as look for ideas to grow those sales. Cast a front face for your store for greeting all walk-in customers and creating their repair tickets and invoices. Hire Employees to Start and Grow Your Phone Repair BusinessTrain your employees according to their roles at your store. For example, you need your repair ticketing guy to know enough about computer and phone repair that he can add repair parts on those tickets and identify any other issues in the customer devices that they don’t already know about. On the other hand, it is okay for your salesperson to not know so much about repairs. 

With a repair shop software in place, employee management is a piece of cake. You can define different employee roles in your POS software and give them access permissions. Next, you can set up separate accounts for all your employees with their usernames and pins. Every time an employee starts his shift, he’ll log into the POS system with his credentials and clock in. From there to his shift end and clock out, the system will record each and every activity he performs and record it in a bunch of reports. You can simply pull up the employee activity log report and see what your employees have been upto, go to the employee productivity report and check who’s been doing you good and who’s not, etc. See, easy-breezy!

In case you are wondering what you will be doing if you hire such an extensive team of employees, don’t worry, you’ll be busy growing your business as explained in the next step. 

Expand your brand

You have built your phone repair business, why not scale it to a big repair venture? Open multiple stores in different locations to target more customers and blow up the repair industry. You’ve kick started a repair store before, you can do it again and better. 

Franchising to start and grow your phone repair businessWant to help other repair geeks like yourself? Give franchising opportunities to people who want to start a phone repair store. You will not only get good karma out of it, but also better market presence for your repair brand and some extra cash.

Franchising is the best way to capitalize on other people’s businesses by simply giving them your brand name. 

If you have repair shop software in place, don’t you worry about a thing in managing your multiple stores and even franchises. Software like RepairDesk has full-blown solutions for multi-store management and franchise management

You can create multiple store accounts and choose the store type for each one, company-owned or franchise. Keep a real-time check on the inventory of all your stores and view their low stock items. Then, go to your main store to transfer inventory to each store as per their needs. 

You can also keep a regular check of how each store is doing sales-wise from a single screen. Enter the multi-store report. It tells you overall performance of all stores and you can use the search filter to catch a glimpse of every store’s individual sales numbers.

Imagine sitting on a couch at your house, sipping on a cup of coffee, and managing all the stores from your computer screen. You’d like that, won’t you? 

Keep growing!

The coronavirus health crisis has made us all dependent on technology. Phones, computers, laptops, and all other electronic devices are helping us survive this pandemic and adapt to the new normal of life. It’s a high time for starting a phone repair business and playing your part to make people’s lives better. 

However, starting a repair business is not as easy as it sounds. There’s a lot going in with it, so you need to get your plan straight. We have tried our best to cover all the major things and phases you’ll get through to not just build a business but a repair brand. 

We hope that you are able to make it big with your phone repair business. Our last piece of advice is that you take baby steps to make the grounds of your business strong.

Start small, but start professional.

Our repair shop software will always be there w=every step of the way to support you by helping you manage and grow your business. So, let’s start your business together.

Try RepairDesk for FREE

Top Psychology Tips to Make Every Customer Interaction Fantastic

Top Psychology Tips to Make Every Customer Interaction Fantastic

‘Sell the Problem you solve, not the product’.

You’ll find this phrase said by sales strategists all over the world as they explain the importance of psychology in any repair business. This statement is catchy, and 100% true. Customers visit your shop to find a solution to their problems, not to see the advertisements for irrelevant things. Your repair store may have a variety of amazing products, but if your customer interaction is unworthy, unhelpful, or unreliable, they’ll choose someone else over you.

Your team has invested in products, sales staff, and in the checkout process to put your customers first. Yet when you see the score you earned for customer experience; your spirits drop. It is because your customers today have high standards, and if your business can’t meet them, you’ll lose customers to your competitors. That’s one big reason why investing in every customer interaction is key to long-term success.

But what does it mean to make every customer interaction FANTASTIC, and how can you ensure that every customer has a great experience with your repair shop when they reach out for help?

Let us discuss some psychological tips and tricks that you can use to put your customer service at the top of the game in the repair industry.

Be Empathetic: Use “We” instead of “You”.

When someone walks into your repair store, and your sales representative approaches them to know their issue, always use “we” rather than “you”.

Let’s say, for instance, you’re assisting a customer in backing up their device for the first time. It would be best if you said, “First we need to login to your laptop” rather than “you need to login into your account”. It is a subtle difference, but it makes the customer feel like you are invested in the solution to their problem. It makes them feel like you’re tackling the problem together, rather than instructing them on how to do it alone.

The scenario mentioned above is really helpful if someone is already pissed or annoyed about something. Showing empathy on the spot is critical to strike a connection with the customer. You should listen to their problem carefully and validate their emotional state. One way to do this is to use empathy statements, and here are some examples of how to use them:

“We appreciate your patience.”

“We understand your frustration.”

“Thank you for taking the time to visit us today.”

“You are right.”

“I’d feel the same if I was in your position.”

If someone revisits your store, you must have their details in hand to know their past purchases and guide them accordingly. RepairDesk’s iPad POS Register app serves this purpose. Search via customer name in a few seconds and deliver a personalized experience.

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Leverage the Halo Effect

The Halo Effect is the outcome of our feelings and thoughts towards something or someone. It creates either a positive or negative review based on our first impressions or judgements.

What does that mean in terms of customer interaction? Creating a positive impression during an initial interaction is crucial. It’s because unfortunately, negative impressions create a much stronger, longer-lasting impressions if they dislike their chosen repair services.

To prevent this, and to build a pool of satisfied customers, you need to work closely with what they want and how they feel about your service. When customers have great experiences with you, it helps cast a heavenly halo glow around your products and repair services in their eyes. This halo forms brand loyalty and leads people to spread word of mouth about your fantastic services.

Create Goodwill: It costs nothing.

Respond to Every Query

When you proactively respond to all queries made by customers, you give them an open environment to resolve any issues and answer any questions. It is an excellent way to leave a positive impact, build trust, loyalty, and to gain their support.

Just say, “I would be happy to help you with this” as soon as you receive a customer query.

One easy and perfect way to accomplish it is having a list of automated responses for each scenario. RepairDesk allows you to set up emails and SMS replies to your customers. Choose from them or create a custom one. And luckily, it is all FREE in the first 14 days of your trial.

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Refrain from not replying or trying to “wing it” to prevent negative experiences from happening. There’ll be negative scenarios as well. But, be transparent with what you know and eager to find out what you can do to make things better.

Sometimes, it is just a matter of misunderstandings that you can solve merely by listening to them. It applies to both online and offline customer interactions.

Focus on Quality Rather than Speed

’15 minutes in paradise are better than 5 minutes in hell.’

When it comes to customer expectations, we all want to “get out” quickly and get back to our lives after getting our things repaired. Generally speaking, just about the only time customers are going to contact you is when they need help, so it is up to you how fast you take where they’d like to be.

Research shows that customers become more satisfied if the service provided feels “complete” and friendly, rather than quick. The #1 reason customers would abandon some brands is due to poor quality and rude customer interaction, which are cited 18% more often than “slow or untimely service.”

There’s no doubt that timely service is important, but customers are much more likely to remember your repair shop if you went above and beyond to solve their problems.

“Good customer service costs less than bad customer service.” Sally Gronow

Work on Customer Feedback

How can you know what your customers need without asking them? How can you assess your customer interactions without having a response?

That’s why it’s essential to create feedback loops for every customer. If you keep your ear to the ground, you’ll hear customers telling you exactly what they want.

Ask customers, “How are you finding your latest purchase with us?” or “Are you satisfied with the repair service provided?” Asking questions, like this one, lets customers know you value and respect them.

customer service

Just a few words can show a willingness to help. Do not ignore their confused looks and puzzled expressions. Extend a hand and help. Let customers know that their happiness with your products and services matter to your small business.

Just like your customers are your priority, our awesome customers are our family too. At RepairDesk, we are listening to customer suggestions, and continuously striving to provide you all with the best features. Leave the complex tasks on RepairDesk, and focus on making every customer interaction, a FANTASTIC one!


Web Release Notes: Respond to Customer Queries Instantly

Web Release Notes: Respond to Customer Queries Instantly

At RepairDesk, we always prioritize working on the user-suggested improvements. In our latest release, we’ve added a new integration along with highly-requested changes in our web app. Get the details below;


Free PBX Integration

Repair stores get a lot of inquiries over the phone, and our latest integration with PBX can help you manage it all. After enabling the integration, RepairDesk will act as a caller ID and show you important customers’ information. This makes it easier to know who is calling and what for, so you can serve your customers better.

Whether you’re a large-scale business or just starting out, you can’t go wrong with a system that takes care of it all. Learn more about the integration on; RepairDesk PBX Integration.

Free PBX integrationIMPROVEMENTS:

Inventory Transfer

With the improved version of our web app, you can now choose not to apply tax on transferred items. We’ve added a trigger to let you control the cost price of inventory items being transferred to other store locations.

inventory transferTax Report

When exporting Tax Report as a CSV or pdf, now you can view total numbers in it too. All the net total amounts will be displayed in the pdf/CSV file too. Let’s have a look:

Tax ReportAppointment Calendar

Whenever an existing customer adds a new address while booking a repair job from the Appointment Calendar, his/her address will be updated in the RepairDesk database as well.


Pay via Stripe

Here’s the good news for merchants who use Stripe for collecting payments. You can now email invoices with the ‘Pay with Stripe’ button. Your customers can click on the button and will be redirected to the Stripe checkout page. It’s all easy and simple.



Here are some of the user-reported bugs. Let’s have a look;

  • Github #1285 – Users said that they were unable to print barcode properly via GRN. This issue has been resolved.
  • Github #1290 – An issue was reported that the search bar on the POS screen was not allowing users to search for records via customers’ full name.
  • We have resolved the issue where the system was not showing custom fields against some customers. However, this issue doesn’t exist anymore.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned and join RepairDesk for managing your online store sales and building a safe business from home.

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