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4th of July Marketing Ideas for Your Computer Repair Store

4th of July Marketing Ideas for Your Computer Repair Store

America’s Independence Day is almost here, and while the novel COVID-19 has certainly changed the lives of people everywhere, many are still planning to celebrate the big day: the 4th of July. Fourth of July continues to be one of the biggest holidays in the United States and one that many consumers celebrate anyway. While the country’s Independence Day typically involves backyard barbecues, fireworks, and outdoor gatherings, this year, it is a little different theme for celebrations.

Yes, many people are itching to go outside and spend time with friends and relatives, but with states and cities enforcing social distancing, lockdown, and mandatory masks, we can expect gatherings to be more subdued than usual. If you’re looking to extend sales around the Fourth of July, it’s important to adapt your strategy to the new normal brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Without delaying further, let’s look at the way you can do just that.

Plan Online 4th of July PromotionsSale 4 july american independence day Premium Vector

Don’t forget to stay updated on social media and post pictures of your repair store, staff members, or customers celebrating Independence Day. First of all, wish everyone a happy holiday and share both your patriotic posts and user-generated content. Try changing your Facebook or Twitter cover photos to give it a personalized look.

A lot of businesses plan special sales or promotions for the 4th of July. Why? Because it works!

People at this time of year are active and engaged, so make sure to offer discount campaigns for the 4th of July. If you can make those posts ‘July 4th’ themed, it’s great. The fact that you’re running the promotion during the holiday week is good enough!

Use 4th of July Trending Hashtags

Make sure to use relevant hashtags during the July 4th weekend. Hashtag marketing will extend the reach of your repair business and can help you find new potential customers. People searching for related hashtags will find yours and check out your business profile. Some examples of what might be trending are:

#July4th, #4thofJuly, #AmericasIndependenceDay, #redwhiteandblue, #July4thSale, #fireworks, #America, as well as something custom to your location or industry.

Run a Giveaway or Contest

Host a contest on social media platforms to give away some patriotic swag. Or just something special from your repair store. It can be any 4th of July themed phone cover, or a keychain, or anything that represents your repair store. During this time, everyone is in the celebratory spirit (even more so because of COVID-19), so this is a great way to engage users to share their excitement.

Encourage followers to take patriotic pictures using your products and tag and hashtag the picture to notify you. Share your favorite pictures on your social media accounts to increase social media engagement. Don’t forget to ask them to like, share, subscribe, retweet, reblog, or follow you, so you can reach even more people.

Contact Last Year’s Successful Sales

Before you start scheduling 4th of July emails to send to your customers, think about what messages you’re going to send. Choose your target audience and then plan accordingly. It may seem simpler to send one message to all your customers. However, it has a drawback, it can backfire and land your message in spam folders. Rather than risking your reputation, the better approach is to segment your list. An all-in-one, cellphone repair shop software does it all for you. Try RepairDesk’s campaigner module and choose the audience as per your requirement.

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Dividing your list can help you deliver more targeted messages to the right audience. Research on the email marketing shows there’s a 55% increase in revenue per recipient for businesses that send emails to targeted lists. Here are a few examples of segments you can create:

  • Customers who purchased from you around the 4th of July in 2019
  • People who have recently purchased from you, in the last two to three months
  • Customers who spent more than ‘X’ amount of money on a purchase, within the last six months
  • People who visited your website or just viewed a product but didn’t make a purchase
  • Consumers who opened an email but didn’t make a purchase
  • People who haven’t purchased in the past six months 

You can slice and dice your list in so many ways. However, you decide to use your data and your automation to strategically target repeat purchasers or potential prospects with relevant messages ahead of the Fourth.

Register for an excellent repair shop POS software that gets it all done, and let us help you get your repair business on the road to success with our repair store software. We’ll see you soon with a bunch of new features, business tips, industry insights, and customer success stories.

Here is RepairDesk wishing all our readers a very Happy Independence Day. Go Fourth!

Tips for Selling Used Phones at Your Cell Phone Repair Shop

Tips for Selling Used Phones at Your Cell Phone Repair Shop

Do you buy and sell used phones at your cellphone repair shop? Are you looking for ideas to make the most out of these second-hand device sales? If so, you are in the right place! RepairDesk knows what cellphone repair shops really need to run a successful used phone business, and we’ve got all the secrets for you right here.

Here we have got some tried and tested tips for you to work up your profits by selling used devices.

Spot what’s hot.

First and foremost, you’ve got to watch out for the latest technology trends and hits. You can look at item-wise sales report in your cell phone repair shop software and see what items are selling the most and where you are getting the highest profit margins.You can also do a survey on your social media page. 

Once you find out what used phone brands and models are catching people’s attention and which cell phones are offering the features that instantly click to a customer and close the sale. Get those best used phones to sell in 2020 and make this year big for your repair business.

Researching this shouldn’t be hard; simply look at all the phones that have sold in large volumes over the past few years and go from there. The biggest contenders in the market (Samsung, Apple, One Plus, Google Pixel, etc.) are usually a great place to start.

Shake hands with a supplier.

Now that you know what devices are trending and most popular among your customers, it’s time to get ’em in stock. Besides trading-in used cell phones from individual customers, you can also go for bulk purchases from trusted pre-owned phone suppliers

Purchasing used phones from a supplier, you’ll get a bulk stock at decent prices and you’ll be able to sell those devices with thicker profits. However, make sure that you are buying from a vendor that offers a 30-days replacement policy. MobileSentrix, 2ndlifephones, and GSMwarehouse are some of our favorites.

Manage your inventory.

Inventory management with our cellphone repair shop softwareOnce you have your used phone stock at your repair store, let’s show you how to manage inventory with the help of your cell phone repair shop software

So, here’s the drill: once you receive your ordered used phones stock from your supplier, simply scan and add all items in your POS software, fill out additional details, such as where will the item be physically placed at the store, print barcodes and labels to paste on devices, and you are done! The system can even serialize your inventory so can keep a track of all items with your preferred item IDs. 

You can watch this video for a visual demonstration of the complete process.

How to Manage Your Inventory

Move and profit.

You need to keep an eye on your used phones’ stock and brush it off once in a while. The selling price of these secondhand devices depends on their age. The older they get, the lesser your profit margin will be. Just keep moving (even if you have to sell something on low profit) and reinvest the dollars into buying newer devices.

While it’s worth keeping the tariff and details of used phones in your head, you also have your repair shop software. So no pains, only gains! Simply have a look at the used phones record in your POS software and plan which devices need to go first and on what prices. 

Accessorize for the prize.

Want to snowball the sales of used devices? Accessorize them. Cover the screen with a sleek glass protector, slide a phone case into the deal, offer a pair of headsets, or add a charger. If you can sell in-house device protection plans with the used phone sale, even better.

You can use our product bundles feature to offer them a package deal for these phone accessories along with the device and win the hearts of your customers.

Sell Used Phones with RepairDesk

Selling second-hand and used devices at a profit can get a little overwhelming. But if you know the right tricks, you’ll get a hang of this game. And if you have the right repair shop software in place, you’ll hit the jackpot. It will not only help you create instant purchase orders with the best used phones suppliers, but also take care of your store inventory. If you are a cell phone repair merchant in the UK and other European countries, you can also rely on it for VAT margin scheme support for your sales of used phones. So what are you waiting for? Try RepairDesk now and sell away! 

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RepairDesk Round-up – June Edition

RepairDesk Round-up – June Edition

It’s the end of June, and we wanted to get in touch with you on all the things we’ve done so far. RepairDesk has come a long way since the start of the year, and now at the halfway point in 2020, we’re looking to engage with our customers even better.

Check out what we’ve been doing in the month of June.

Feature Updates

June Features of our computer repair shop softwareInter-Company Invoicing for RepairDesk Enterprise

RepairDesk Enterprise is our premium service where we offer many amazing features that help you run your store like a superstar. This month, we added Inter-Company Invoicing to it to bring even more value to our Enterprise customers. Check out the details on our blog.

Multi-Store Inventory Transfer

RepairDesk has been consistently adding new features into the fold to make life easier for you. One of our first additions this month was an update to our multi-store inventory transfer system, that gives you a much better view of what you need at multiple different locations.

Low Stock Reports

Keeping in line with the improvements we’ve made, our low stock report system also received tweaks to make it more streamlined and helpful. We detailed the changes in our blog post up on the RepairDesk Blog.

New Tax Report

Our new tax report improvement came when we learned of a certain challenge encountered by customers. Once we set out to overcome that challenge, we came up with a new system that was more helpful and powerful for our users.

Business Tips

Sell More by Featuring Your Best Deals Everywhere

Sometimes, having the best deals isn’t enough. Your customers need to know that they are getting the best value for their money when they come to you. In our blog post, we detail some of the different ways you can inform customers on what you have in store for them.

Top Hardware Computer Repair Services of All Time

For our computer repair shop customers, we’ve compiled a list of the top hardware computer repair services that have been doing exceptional work. Check out the industry’s top contenders and learn what they do that makes their business shine, so yours can too.

Most Popular Software Computer Repair Services

More on the point of computer repair, our blog now hosts a list of the most popular software computer repair services as well. Check it out to see what repair services dominate the industry and what they do that makes them so popular.

Best Laptop and Computer Accessories to Sell in 2020

Creating new business opportunities in the current climate is a very smart move. Keeping that in mind, we prepared a list for our customers on the best accessories they can stock and sell for laptops and computers.

How to Keep Your Repair Store Safe During the Ongoing Riots & Looting

The month of June saw an incredibly strong demonstration of the Black Lives Matter movement. Unfortunately, riots and looting also broke out during this period, where store owners faced losses and had their property vandalized. Our blog helps outline the many ways you can save your business from these riots.

Post-COVID-19 Reopening Checklist for Cellphone Repair Stores

If you’re a cellphone repair business that’s looking to get back into the action post-COVID-19, we’ve got a great post for you on our blog. Check out our coronavirus checklist for the things that you should be looking into when reopening for business.

Industry Insights

How Has Computer Repair Changed in 2020?

The year 2020 has seen a dramatic shift in business, and it’s always a good idea to stay abreast with what’s going on. Learn how computer repair has changed in 2020 in our most recent blog post on the subject.

Back Up Your Finances with Accounting Integrations in RepairDesk

RepairDesk is host to a number of integrations, most notable of which are our accounting ones. We’ve partnered with both Quickbooks and Xero, and detail the benefits of accounting integrations in our blog post, which you should totally check out.

Follow the New Trend of Contactless Payments with RepairDesk

The global pandemic has made us a lot more aware of how we do business. With contactless payments becoming ever more popular, RepairDesk has integrated them into its systems for easier cashless transactions. Check out the details over on our blog.

Release Notes

Introducing Inter-Company Invoicing in RepairDesk

RepairDesk added a new feature to it’s ever-growing software suite – Inter-Company Invoicing. This new feature allows you to configure profits on your inventory transfers, allowing you to invoice for transfers within your company. Learn more about it and more in our release notes.

Separate Taxable and Non-Taxable Sales

Our second set of release notes for the month sees us introduce a number of improvements, most notable of which are the changes to the tax report system. With these changes, you should be able to see breakdowns of the items that matter the most, along with improving your workflow all around.

Customer Success Stories

Customer success stories of our computer repair shop software RepairDeskiStation Repair Shop Journey From Custom CMS To RepairDesk

One of our customers, iStation Repair Shop, chronicled their rise to success and how they transitioned from a custom CMS to RepairDesk to make their life easier. Their story is now up on our blog for you to read and be inspired by.

How Avtek Mobile Fell in Love with RepairDesk

In another edition of our Customer Success Story segment, we talk to Anthony Alfieri, owner of Avtek Mobile in Canada. Tonys business got a significant boost once he switched to RepairDesk, and he absolutely loves the system. Check it out on our blog today.

First Response Phone Repair’s Move to RepairDesk

About 4 years ago, Denis Gutsu decided to partner up with his cousin, Daniil, and open the repair store he always wanted. With RepairDesk as his partner in the trenches, the cousins have created a successful business First Response Phone Repair in California. Learn more about their story in our blog post.

How Cybertek Computer Repair is Growing with RepairDesk

Adam Donovan opened the doors for Cybertek Computer Repair one year ago with the hopes of starting his new repair business. One year later, he’s going strong with RepairDesk at the helm. Learn more about Adam’s story of growth and empowerment in our latest blog post.

Stay tuned for more!

That’s it for now! June has been an incredibly busy month for us all, and we hope you’ve been seeing success in it as well. At RepairDesk, we appreciate your business and work every day to ensure that your repair shop is on the right track for success. Register for our repair shop software and let us help you get your repair business on the road to success with our repair shop software. We’ll see you soon with a bunch of new features, business tips, industry insights, and customer success stories.

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How Cybertek Computer Repair is Growing with RepairDesk

How Cybertek Computer Repair is Growing with RepairDesk

Ready to celebrate the first anniversary of Cybertek Nambour, our friend Adam Donovan is growing his successful repair business by opening a second store in Mooloolaba, Australia. His repairs have made Cybertek Computer Repair a highly profitable business, and Adam couldn’t be happier to have a second store to his budding establishment. Adam uses RepairDesk for managing everything at his old store and he is planning to do the same for the new one.

We recently caught up with the young businessman to hear about his success story and how he is taking the next big step of expanding the business. Here’s what he told us.

Cybertek Nambour

Adam started his career in the retail industry as a manager at a multi-store repair business called My IT Shop, where he was supervising one of the store locations. Later, he was promoted to the position of area manager, and soon after, he ended up buying that place. Though the store had a reputation and a customer base, Adam had a vision of putting his own spin on it. So he gave it a makeover, starting with its name. Enter Cybertek Nambour: a computer repair shop providing the best tech solutions to local customers, with Adam’s own personal touch of customer service.

Cybertek is growing with our computer repair shop software

After putting the basic elements into place, Adam started looking for a system that would help him track all the store’s operations without any limits. He knew that he needed a repair shop software that aligned with his vision and offered a POS solution that would be easy to use, and that would actually help him grow his business.

Finding the right partner

It is always hard to find something that’s right for your business, but things get harder when you know exactly what you need. From his prior managerial experience, Adam knew what he needed in his repair shop software to take the helm of his business. So he tried out different options available online, just like our friends Tony from Avtek Mobile and Denis from First Response Phone Repair, and there he found RepairDesk, the repair shop POS software that was the perfect match for his business.

There were a few POS solutions that we tried but didn’t really like, such as RepairQ, Retail Express, and Dear. Then I came across RepairDesk and the first experience was pretty decent.

With our computer repair shop software, Adam was able to do all the things that he wanted, in the ways that he fancied. “When I worked at My IT Shop, there were three systems for managing the basic store operations. First, we would use a Google web page for logging the jobs in, then it would go to a Trello board, and then a POS system for ticketing and invoicing. It was a mess!”

What I always needed in a repair shop software was the ability to attach repair tickets, receipts, and jobs with the customer database all in one place. That’s why I loved RepairDesk because it let me do everything in one area just like I wanted.

Cybertek is growing with our computer repair shop software

What team Cybertek LOVES about RepairDesk

For Adam, the whole point of having a repair shop software in his store was to be able to do things with the least amount of time and effort, so he can save his energy and invest it in growing his repair business. That is why Team Cybertek is a fan of our customer management and invoicing features.

RepairDesk is an absolute time-saver because everything’s there. Like I can search for a customer and instantly see his sales history. I can search for an item and see where it was sold and on what invoice. It’s all good and effortless.

No wonder that Adam has a special thing for our computer repair shop management software’s printing and scanning features! He loves how these little tricks do the smartest work when it comes to inventory management at his store. “I love that I can print all kinds of receipts, tickets, and labels from a single screen without having to move around. Also, I can scan items and the system takes care of all the information for me. The POS system even tracks the serial numbers of items, which is super convenient.”

Cybertek is growing with our computer repair shop software

Team Cybertek Computer Repair also makes the best use of RepairDesk’s payment integrations. Currently, they are using Tyro payments and are also looking into PayPal. 

Adam is also one of our dearest customers who first tried out the RepairDesk Enterprise Plan. Team Cybertek Computer Repair is excited to surprise their customers with a loyalty program, gift cards, store credits, and product bundles. We aren’t using the enterprise features at the moment. With the COVID-19 situation, we’ve just been focusing on what we need to do. But as things are getting back to normal, we’ll set these elements up for sure.

The freedom to let go

RepairDesk gives Adam the freedom to run his repair store from wherever and whenever he wants. The ability to monitor all employee activities from anywhere at any time has empowered Adam to manage everything at the old store while opening a second location in Mooloolaba.

I like that I can check the status of all repair jobs and see what needs to be done and I can track who’s been doing what. I have also added the feature where the system asks the employees to sign-in every time they try to do something, now everybody is accountable for the things they are doing. So I can easily keep a check on everything at the old store through RepairDesk reporting, while I’ll be away at the new one.

Last year when Cybertek Nambour joined RepairDesk, its top-notch customer service and ease of use made life easier for Adam by allowing him to train staff quickly from the get-go. It is that same time of the year, and Adam is opening another store. But this time, as he has explored all there is in his computer repair shop software, training of new employees will be a no-brainer.

Cybertek is growing with our computer repair shop software

A shared mission

RepairDesk and Cybertek Computer Repair share a mission to grow Adam’s business to help more people with their device repairs. From Cybertek’s quality repair services for its customers to RepairDesk’s smooth management of all store affairs, they have been working together to create an impact in the lives of people of Nambour, Australia for almost a year now. The amazing duo will continue to do the same for the local customers of Mooloolaba.

Our repair shop software has a history of helping its customers grow and expand the horizons of their businesses, Adam from Cybertek Computer Repair is one of the many examples. If you also have the thirst for finding the best partner for your repair store, try RepairDesk today.  Let us help your business grow bigger while we mind all of its functional needs.

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Best Laptop and Computer Accessories to Sell in 2020

Best Laptop and Computer Accessories to Sell in 2020

2020 has been a dramatic year so far and unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Its roller coaster ride is not over yet and people are trying to adjust. While many people are going back to their offices, others are still staying indoors and working from home. They are looking for affordable and accessible computer accessories to level up their work-from-home setup. As a computer repair shop, it’s in your best interest to help them out by selling these best laptop and computer accessories around.

Laptop Desks

Best computer accessories to sell with our computer repair shop softwareMost home office workers use their laptops, but how many do you think use it with a nice table and a comfortable chair? Only a few. The rest drag the poor thing around the house and use it sitting on a sofa or a bed, and then complain about getting tired. Let’s make it easier for them.

Offer smart lap desks for laptops that can help them work better at their home office. Tell them they can put their phones in the mobile slot and a mouse on the mouse pad and work efficiently while laying on that sofa.

Laptop Sleeve

What does a normal laptop user do after calling it a day at the home office? Certainly not put the laptop back in its bag like they should, right? Well, there is a better solution than that: laptop sleeves. All they have to do is put the laptop in the sleeve, and they can leave it wherever they want and keep it safe. The padded zipper bag will protect their laptop even if they sit at it in the morning. Yeah, that happens!

Cooling Pad

Laptop heating is a classic problem that all users face and it’s a dangerous one. Every laptop user wants this heating misery to end, especially in the summers. So naturally, they look for a cooling pad to calm their computers and themselves. Why not keep some at your computer repair shop?

Cooling pads allow your computer to improve its airflow and keep things cool on the inside. They allow for greater cooling to your laptop’s internal components, which helps increase their life as well. It also protects you from the unpleasant and harmful heat the laptop generates, making it a bit more comfortable if you want to put it on your lap.

Wireless Mouse

Wireless mice are one of the most popular computer accessories around, and fairly so, because they lift up the whole work game. Provide a variety of such mice to make your customers’ work days more productive and fun. 

Keyboard Cover

This one’s another computer life-saver, used to clean up the home office mess from computer keyboards. All laptop and computer users love keyboard covers, for they give them the freedom to freely enjoy their drinks while working. No spills, no frills!

You can also group this product with a keyboard repair service and offer the two in a product bundle offer with a discount. Your customers will love you for it.

Cleaning Kit

With the recent coronavirus outbreak, an alcohol-based cleaning kit has become one of the most essential computer accessories, and a must-have for your computer repair shop. Make sure you thoroughly clean all customers’ devices before and after each repair and give them a cleaning kit with their repaired devices.

Advise your customers to regularly clean their cell phones, computers, laptops, tablets, and other electronic screens to keep them coronavirus germ-free. 


Who doesn’t like to listen to some music when they are home? Built-in computer speakers do not do justice to their users, so they look for speakers to enjoy good music and have some fun after a long day at work. Add a variety of the latest wireless and waterproof speakers in your range of computer accessories and win the hearts of your customers.

Best computer accessories to sell with our computer repair shop softwareGaming Controllers

The long-lasting work-from-home routine is making computer users turn to video games when they want to unwind. While a keyboard and mouse serve the purpose most of the time, a lot of games are made easier to play with a controller. You can offer PC game controllers in all different shapes, sizes and specifications, and manage their stock with your computer repair shop software. You can even stock controllers from the latest gaming consoles, since they’re compatible with PCs these days as well.

As people are staying at home to stay safe, don’t wait for them to show up at your store to buy these computer accessories. Set up your online store with a WooCommerce integration built right into your computer repair shop management software and sell them online.

How to Setup Your Online Store

Sell the best computer accessories

Do you have these basic and most popular computer accessories at your computer repair shop? If not, get them in stock and start selling them to your customers, and help them get productive while working from home. You can make bundle deals of these products with the Enterprise Plan of your computer repair shop software

Oh, you don’t have a computer shop software? That’s not a problem! You can sign up anytime and we’ll help you get your online store up and running with the best computer software and hardware repair services and accessories.

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Say Hello to the New Tax Report in Your Repair Shop Software

Say Hello to the New Tax Report in Your Repair Shop Software

No business should ever take a break from improvement. It should keep on changing itself for the better to evolve into its best avatar. That is exactly what we do at RepairDesk. We keep our customers in the loop on the latest improvements in our cell phone and computer repair shop software, and fix the things they say need a little spiff. In our latest web release, we have taken care of a major tax report glitch.

Out of all the reports, the tax report is vital because it tells you how much tax is going out of your store. But if you already have a tax report in your POS system, then what is this new one about? 

Challenge: taxable and non-taxable items

One trouble with the old report was its miscalculations of taxable and non-taxable items. The old system was based on sale-wise taxation maths. So if an invoice had multiple, say one taxable and two non-taxable items, the past report would label the whole invoice as taxable. Consequently, the system slipped into calculating tax on the total amount of that invoice and adding it in the report. 

Solution: item-wise tax calculations

The new tax report will get rid of this inaccuracy of distinguishing between taxable and non-taxable items. Its algorithm will differentiate the two by item labels instead of invoices, and calculate tax values only for those items that are taxable. 

Here’s the view of the new report of your Computer Repair Shop Management Software.

New tax report in your computer repair shop software

First, you’ll see your taxable sales (sum number of all taxable items) and non-taxable sales, and then the net sales. So you have a clear picture of how much out of the total sales is being taxed and how much is tax-free. 

Next, the report shows you the total tax collected, with a breakdown of all different taxes that you’ve configured in your repair shop software. Nice and precise!

Learn More About the New Tax Report

Happy taxing!

The new tax report is here to take care of all your tax numbers and figures with full accuracy. Please note that only paid sales are covered under this report, and discounts are not included in the calculations. We hope that this new addition in RepairDesk reports attends to your taxing concerns and serves your business the best. Let’s grow and evolve together!

Follow the New Trend of Contactless Payments with RepairDesk

Follow the New Trend of Contactless Payments with RepairDesk

“Contactless Payments” is a term that’s been widely used in the retail industry, and for a good reason. The novel COVID-19 is still making rounds in several parts of the world. And while lockdowns are almost over and countries and states have begun opening up, people everywhere are still extremely cautious about being in contact with others, exchanging things, and sharing goods. A recently conducted survey revealed that 64% of customers remain fearful for their health, and 82% are afraid of others’ health. 

One way to make your customers confident about their health and safety concerns is to limit physical contact in your repair stores. Here’s how you can successfully do that, along with the ways that RepairDesk can help with. 

Allow Customers to Book Appointments Remotely

Things like curbside pickup and onsite repairs have been gaining steam for a few months now because coronavirus has pushed them to a whole new level. For many repair store owners, offering these services is practically a no-brainer. 

Ideally, you’ll want to make the ordering and fulfillment procedure as secure as possible. For this, let customers use the Appointment Calendar widget powered by RepairDesk. The calendar allows them to choose their device, its model, device problem, and lets them instantly request a repair right from your repair store’s website. Without any fear of public dealing, they can quickly get their jobs done sitting at their homes. Their repair orders will then be shown in your RepairDesk account so that you and your team can work on fulfilling them. 

Appointment Calendar

Offer Online Payments

Given the increased awareness around touching less stuff, customers are now opting for mobile payments more than ever. And more people are joining in on the trend: as reported by the Visa official website, 31 million Americans tapped a Visa contactless card in March 2020. The overall usage of contactless payments in the US has grown by 150% since March 2019. So, how to be part of this rising trend for your repair orders?

Collect online Payments

It’s simple! If you are a repair store merchant in the US, try using RepairDesk Payments. The integration has numerous benefits, along with providing a ‘PAY NOW’ option to customers when they book an appointment from your website. Start using the integration today, and let your customers pay whenever and wherever they are.

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Pay Now Invoice - RepairDesk

Send Invoices via Emails

You can limit physical contact in-store by reducing the number of people who can enter your repair store. Many large enterprises that have multiple outlets have been implementing this amidst the pandemic.

To help repair store owners navigate through this challenge, RepairDesk provides the option to email customers’ invoices with a “Pay Now” button. With this, they can see their order history, and they can pay you online. Now, say goodbye to disinfecting each note with a 99% alcohol spray and waiting for it to dry out.


Implement Cashless Returns

As observed, the post-pandemic customer experience will be cashless. Both customers and retailers are shifting to new ways of earning profits and offering a discount. Most useful of them are starting a Gift Card program, giving our Loyalty Points, and introducing Store Credits in place of cash refunds. Go cashless with RepairDesk’s Enterprise Version with all the features your business needs to bring repeat customers.

Learn More About the Enterprise Version

The COVID-19 pandemic won’t be around forever (hopefully), but we’re willing to bet that the new contactless payments trend is here to stay. Take the first step and start investing in the technologies and systems that’ll let you serve shoppers in a safe and effective way. Get a FREE trial of our repair shop software for your cellphone repair shop and explore new ways of growing your business with us! Good Luck!