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Small business can go big with our computer repair shop software
How to Scale Your Small Business to a Big Repair Venture
Every repair business starts small. That being said, not every small business makes it big. Why? Because it takes more Read more.
RepairDesk iPad release notes v5.5
iPad Release v5.5: Custom Fields & Two-Factor Authentication
RepairDesk’s new iPad Release v5.5 is now live! With this new release, we bring some improvements to our iPad app Read more.
Phone Geeks and our computer repair shop software
Why Phone Geeks Use RepairDesk to Manage their Multiple Repair Stores
Growing his repair business, Phone Geeks, from one to three store locations within three years and running the places with Read more.
4th of July
4th of July Marketing Ideas for Your Computer Repair Store
America’s Independence Day is almost here, and while the novel COVID-19 has certainly changed the lives of people everywhere, many Read more.
Sell used phones with our cellphone repair shop software
Tips for Selling Used Phones at Your Cell Phone Repair Shop
Do you buy and sell used phones at your cellphone repair shop? Are you looking for ideas to make the Read more.
RepairDesk Roundup June 2020
RepairDesk Round-up – June Edition
It’s the end of June, and we wanted to get in touch with you on all the things we’ve done Read more.
Cybertek is growing with our computer repair shop software
How Cybertek Computer Repair is Growing with RepairDesk
Ready to celebrate the first anniversary of Cybertek Nambour, our friend Adam Donovan is growing his successful repair business by Read more.
Best computer accessories to sell with our computer repair shop management software
Best Laptop and Computer Accessories to Sell in 2020
2020 has been a dramatic year so far and unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Its roller coaster ride is not Read more.
New tax report is here in your computer repair shop software
Say Hello to the New Tax Report in Your Repair Shop Software
No business should ever take a break from improvement. It should keep on changing itself for the better to evolve Read more.
Contactless Payments
Follow the New Trend of Contactless Payments with RepairDesk
“Contactless Payments” is a term that’s been widely used in the retail industry, and for a good reason. The novel Read more.
Computer repair services with our software for computer shops
How to Improve Your Computer Repair Service in 2020
The year 2020 has so far been a challenging one for computer repair professionals. Not only are we facing a Read more.
First Response success story with our computer repair shop software
First Response Repair’s Move from Pen and Paper to RepairDesk
4 years ago Denis Gutsu and his cousin, electronics repair expert Daniil, started a phone repair service using a pen Read more.