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Financial Support for Small Businesses During COVID-19
Financial Relief Plans for Repair Businesses to Fight COVID-19 Pandemic!
The cureless epidemic of the COVID-19 disease is sweeping the globe causing giant retail shutdowns. With this, many small businesses Read more.
RepairDesk Enterprise
Get a Step Ahead in Bringing Repeat Customers with RepairDesk Enterprise!
The wait is finally over, and we are super excited to launch the RepairDesk Enterprise Version! The addition of a new Read more.
COVID-19 precautions for safe drop off services
Offer “No Contact” Repairs During COVID-19
As the COVID-19 stays on the loose, people are panicked to touch anything and everything. The fear of getting infected Read more.
Online payments to solve COVID-19 safety issues
COVID-19 Business Solution: Email Invoices & Get Paid Online!
We hope you, your team, and your family is safe during these uncertain times ❤️🛠. COVID-19 pandemic has forced many Read more.
Employee Training During Coronavirus Pandemic
Train Your Employees During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Every business needs a strong team at the helm to run successfully. Regardless of whether you’re a billion-dollar company or Read more.
Repair services in USA
How Repair Stores Can Stay Open for Business During COVID-19 Lockdown
COVID-19 lockdown has quarantined customers of nearly all businesses. In this instance, many repair stores are mulling over what should Read more.
RepairDesk Web Release Notes
Web Release Notes: Let Customers Locate Nearest Store Via Appointment Calendar
RepairDesk Enterprise Version Coming Your Way! Get ready to have a new and improved all-in-one package with our Loyalty Module, Read more.
Tips to Set up an online store
Forced to Close Your Repair Store? Here Are Tips to Sell Online During COVID-19
Things have changed drastically ever since COVID-19 spread around the world. Nothing is going as per the normal stream. People Read more.
Coronavirus outbreak news
Here’s to the Repair Shops Still Open in the Face of COVID-19
While COVID-19 has taken everybody’s spirits down, there are some brave businessmen with their repair stores still open for services. Read more.
Customer engagement in COVID-19
Ways to Communicate with your Customers in COVID-19 Lockdown
Let’s start with the fact that keeping your cell phone repair store open amid the COVID-19 panic can be challenging. Read more.
Expense management
How to Manage Business Expenses in the Coronavirus Sweep
The coronavirus crisis has proved itself to be one of a kind. Its widespread has crippled many things including the Read more.
Mobile Repairs During COVID-19
5 Safety Tips for On-Site Mobile Repairs During COVID-19
As the COVID-19 epidemic casts its shadow across the globe, businesses are being put to halt. The mobile repair industry Read more.