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8 mistakes every computer repair technician needs to avoid
8 Mistakes Every Computer Repair Technician Needs to Avoid
Computer repair is a challenging field, and you need to be very aware of what you’re doing as a computer Read more.
FreePBX Integration
FreePBX & RepairDesk: Making Incoming Calls Informed!
What does your team normally ask when customers call at your store? “How can I help you?” “Do you have Read more.
Grow your phone repair business with our repair shop software
Guide to Start and Grow Your Phone Repair Business in 2020
Are you planning to start a cell phone and computer repair business? Welcome to the million-dollar phone repair industry, you’re Read more.
Customer Interaction
Top Psychology Tips to Make Every Customer Interaction Fantastic
‘Sell the Problem you solve, not the product’. You’ll find this phrase said by sales strategists all over the world Read more.
Web Release Notes: Respond to Customer Queries Instantly
At RepairDesk, we always prioritize working on the user-suggested improvements. In our latest release, we’ve added a new integration along Read more.
How Computer Repair Doctor (Cleveland) Got More Control over their Business with RepairDesk
Computer Repair Doctor (Cleveland) has been in business since 2017. The owner, Alex Marini Garvin, stayed onboard with Computer Repair Read more.
Why your repair store needs a PBX system RepairDesk Blog
Why your repair store needs a PBX system
Whether you’re a small repair business or an established one, a PBX system will undoubtedly be great for your store. Read more.
KPI Dashboard feature in your repair shop software
KPI Dashboard – One Screen Reports All Your Sales
Every repair business owner wants to stay informed about how their business is doing, right? That’s how we know how Read more.
Work Authorization Form
Why do Cellphone Repair Stores need Repair Authorization Form?
Whether your cellphone repair store specializes in phone repair, laptop repair, data protection, PC repair spyware/adware management, technical support, or Read more.
RepairDesk August 2020 Roundup
RepairDesk Round-up – August Edition
RepairDesk has brought several great new updates to its software this month, all chronicled in our August 2020 Roundup. Our Read more.
Electronic waste effects on computer repair
Electronic Waste and Its Effects on Computer Repair
Electronic waste (or e-waste) is a by-product of our never-ending quest to obtain advanced technology. Millions of devices are sold Read more.
Release Notes AUG 02 -RepairDesk
Web Release Notes: Making RepairDesk Better Everyday!
This week, team RepairDesk has made slight improvements in the existing workflow of the web app. Let us get a Read more.