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How Can Poor Appointment Scheduling Cost Your Repair Shop?

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How Can Poor Appointment Scheduling Cost Your Repair Shop?

How Can Poor Appointment Scheduling Cost Your Repair Shop?

For every repair store owner, appointment scheduling is one thing that needs to be on top priority. Not only does each client need special attention, but they also demand to be followed up with, to ensure that they come back.

Let’s take a typical day at your cellphone repair shop.

A customer visits your repair store with a damaged cellphone in hand. He comes to the counter asks you to repair the device as soon as possible. You take the device and promise to fix it within a day. You wrote a receipt and handed it over to the customer without any logs in the system.

When the day passes by, 15 more customers came in with their devices. Although you used pen and paper to mark down everything and set dates and times, you think you may have overburdened specific technicians, underestimated the time required for the job, and possibly gave two customers a deadline that was too soon.

What happens now?

You are under pressure fearing those customers coming back and shouting at you for keeping something that you promised to hand over by day end. Here’s where you start losing credibility, customers’ trust, and putting your name at stake.


If you’ve been through the same case, you’re deliberately building up:

  • A bad reputation
  • Overburdened and dissatisfied employees
  • Angry customers who demand refunds or penalties on repairs finished late
  • A completely disoriented work schedule that leaves you exhausted
  • Missed deadlines and poor customer experience

You see!

Here’s where appointment scheduling will start hitting your nerves. But don’t worry, we’ll help you get out of it with the repair shops’ most favorite POS system.

What Can a POS System Do to Make Appointment Scheduling Easier?

  • Schedules appointments online and allows them to schedule appointments with you
  • Allows you to create repair tickets to ensure you remember everything required for a device, including repair instructions, warranty periods, etc.
  • Assigns roles to technicians and ensure duties are dispersed properly
  • Informs customers when their device is ready to pick up!

With RepairDesk, you get a dedicated Appointment Scheduling Widget.

What RepairDesk’s Appointment Calendar Widget Can Do for You?

Here’s how you can add the following benefits to your repair business with online appointments;

Provide options in availing repair services

Choose from various options that include picking up devices from their homes, offering on-site repairs, or customers can mail in their broken devices to your repair store. Let them decide whatever is feasible for them.

Enter device specifications and problems

Customers can provide complete device details, select type of service, mention problems with the device, and further information to add more clarity.

Select timeslot and book appointments

Clients from home can view available time slots, appointment intervals, and book appointments within a few clicks. It’s simple, effective, intuitive, and quick.

Get instantly notified

Your team and technicians will get instant email and SMS reminders for every appointment you book.

Easy to integrate and use

The appointment calendar will be shown on your website. Your website will be visited more, and users won’t have to navigate to different pages to get their job done.

RepairDesk Appointment Scheduling


To learn more about setting up an Appointment Calendar Widget, checkout our knowledge-based article on RepairDesk Appointments Booking Widget.


So! Get a very smooth process without any hassle and drawbacks, without you having to worry about overbooking, informing customers when their device is ready, losing the instructions to a repair order, and other similar problems.

Manage all of your stores effortlessly from a single platform, view important reports, know when you’re out-of-stock and where you need to order more products to create a win-win situation for your cellphone repair store. Get yourselves and the team ready with a FREE trial of our cloud-based POS system.

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