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Essential Trainings for Cellphone Repair Technicians

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Essential Trainings for Cellphone Repair Technicians

Essential Trainings for Cellphone Repair Technicians

We know that COVID-19 has changed the way we live and work in a short time. Everything got effected. Some people in the cellphone repair industry winded up their businesses to avoid loss, while many businesses shifted towards digital experience and adapted the new trends according to the requirements. In the meantime, this $4 billion industry continued to grow as more people were using their smartphones while staying at home.

With the heavy usage of cellphones since the beginning of the pandemic, the cellphone repair industry is frequently in a state of change. Apple, Samsung, and Google, all the big names in the market, didn’t stop their launches. Apple launched its latest models (iPhone 12, iPhone Mini, and Pro), Samsung brought A series, and Google released its Pixel 4A and 4A XL, with never-before-seen features. All the new launches created a high chance of learning for cellphone repair technicians around the globe.

While keeping up with these changes is a challenge, but it’s what makes being a repair tech such an all-time-learning job. You never know which device is going to roll into your shop, and what problem it may have that needs fixing. That’s why your mobile repair technicians should have the right training to make sure you can satisfy your customers.

Here we’ve created a list of top cellphone repair trainings that a repair guy must have to stay in business. Let’s read them:

Device Repair Essentials

Cell Phone Insurance - Cell Phone Warranty - Cellphone InsuranceThis training teaches your repair tech team the primary troubleshooting of software, basic device repairs, operating systems, and everything between whether working on the latest iPhone, Android, or Tablet. Some vital points of this training are: 

  • Knowing the Cell Phone Repair Industry
  • Understanding Mobile Networks
  • Grasping Operating System Fundamentals
  • Understanding Repair Tools & Equipment Essentials
  • Cell Phone & Tablet Components
  • ESD Awareness
  • Level 1 & 2 Repair Procedures
  • Troubleshooting Basics
  • Macro Inspections & Quality Control 

LCD Refurbishing

LCD Refurbishing | SanTan SolarEnroll your repair technicians for this training to let them learn the right way to refurbish your LCD & OLED screen displays. It is regardless of how many or how few screens you want to refurbish yourself in the repair shop. Here’s to note that the advanced techniques taught in these courses will skyrocket your profits. Some of them are: 

  • Cell Phone LCD Refurbishing
  • Touchscreen & Display Components
  • LCD Refurbishing Process
  • LCD Refurbishing Tools & Equipment
  • LOCA Usage & Application
  • OCA Processes & Procedures 
  • LCD Grading Criteria 



Best Soldering Iron for Cell Phone RepairIf you go for this training, your team can learn to complete cell phone micro-soldering repairs using a repeatable process that reduces mistakes. It makes it easier to solder Charging Ports, BGA Chips, Flexible Printed Circuit Connectors, and almost everything. Important things to note in this training are: 

  • Introduction to Soldering
  • Workmanship Quality Standards
  • Standard Form Soldering
  • Shrink Form Soldering
  • Jumpering
  • Contact Pad & Trace Repair 

Advanced Troubleshooting

Phone & Electronics Repair Stores in Utah & Arizona | FixIt MobileTake this training and acquire advanced board level diagnostics & troubleshooting that will allow you to fix issues other people can’t, recover devices from your own mistakes, and add high profit, low-cost repairs. The training usually includes:

  • Intermediate DC Electronics
  • DC Electronic Circuits
  • Understanding Series Circuits
  • Logic Board Functional Areas
  • Diagnostic Equipment
  • Advanced Diagnostics
  • Diagnosing Working Devices
  • Diagnosing Non-Working Devices
  • Flowcharts for Troubleshooting 

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