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RepairDesk Black Friday Sale – Save up to 60%

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RepairDesk Black Friday Sale – Save up to 60%

RepairDesk Black Friday Sale – Save up to 60%

Black Friday is fast approaching on November 27th, 2020. That means there’s a lot to prepare for. It is when people will be rushing to get the best deals in town, and repair shops will be packed up with repair job pre-bookings. Yes, we’re talking about the biggest sales of the Holiday Season, Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

To help you capitalize on the biggest sale weekend of the year, we’ve planned the best deals for you. To take off the burden of your routine tasks and focus on just increasing sales, here’s a sneak peek into what’s coming your way on Black Friday.

The Best-Selling Bundle Offer

We know that running a repair business means capital investment for both hardware and software systems. And here’s what our repair store owners would love to have. A complete package of the most frequently-used hardware equipment and a yearly subscription of the RepairDesk Professional Plan.

Get an annual subscription & a professional retail toolkit for just $1099! 

With our Black Friday Special Offer, you’ll save $854.


Black Friday Bundle OfferIsn’t it awesome?

The Bundle Offer includes a one-year subscription of the RepairDesk Professional Plan, along with the following essential hardware items for your repair store:

RepairDesk Pay Terminal

Accept card payments and display store ads.


  • Flat processing rate of 2.5% + 10c 
  • No monthly or cancellation fees  
  • Next day settlement
  • Accept customer signature before and after a repair is completed.

EPSON TM-M30 Thermal Receipt Printer

Print repair tickets, invoices, and thermal receipts.


  • Ethernet interface
  • 80mm paper size
  • Compatible with the RepairDesk Web app

DYMO Label Writer 450

Label your stock items and repair devices.


  • Ethernet interface
  • Print ticket & inventory labels
  • Compatible with the RepairDesk Web app
  • Consistent and clear prints for receipts & invoices

WONENICE USB Barcode Scanner for Items

Scan barcodes to add items in your stock.


  • USB Interface
  • Plug & Play
  • Compatible with the RepairDesk Web app

Additionally, our Black Friday Bundle Offer has 1,000 free SMS credits and free on-boarding sessions for just $1,099.

Save Up to 60% Off on Yearly Plans

Give yourself a treat and save big with RepairDesk this year! As part of our Black Friday sales, we’re offering customers a 60% discount for 1 month. If you register your interest before the sale starts, you’ll be getting RepairDesk plans at a 60% off discounted price.

Yes, this is an exclusive and limited time EARLY BIRD offer. That means more RepairDesk for a lot less. And the good news is that our EARLY BIRD discount starts today. Don’t miss your chance and grab this fantastic deal by registering your interest ASAP!

P.S. Stay tuned and keep checking our emails, and look out for us in your Promotions tab and Spam folder. We’ll notify you about the upcoming deals and offers before anyone else knows about it. 😀

Black Friday Special Sale

Not sure yet if you should go for the early bird discount? No problem. Mark your calendar for November 27th, 2020 to get the best-discounted offer of the year. 

BLACK FRIDAY special offerAnd before you spend a single penny on anything, we have another piece of good news for you!

Black Friday Special Webinar

Team RepairDesk is arranging a webinar titled

“Secret Strategies to Master Black Friday Sales at Your Repair Shop in 2020.”

We are having a team of repair industry experts join us on November 5th, 2020, who will be sharing the secret recipe for boosting sales this holiday season. Book your slot for this master class today!

 I want to attend the webinar!


At RepairDesk, we are always working hard to bring value to repair stores around the world. When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, and repair stores had to close and lay off their employees, we were the first to step forward and help out. We released new features like online payments, an appointment calendar widget, a revamped WooCommerce integration, and many others to help repair stores conduct business without opening their stores. It helped a lot of people out there, and we just loved it.


Other than the Black Friday offer, consider signing up for RepairDesk to get the 14 Day FREE trial. Create tickets, process invoices, collect customer signatures, order your inventory online, and book appointments right, all in one place. Sign up now for a free 14-day trial.

Sign Up for a 14-day FREE Trial!



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