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Web Release Notes: RepairDesk Gets Better Everyday!

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Web Release Notes: RepairDesk Gets Better Everyday!

Web Release Notes: RepairDesk Gets Better Everyday!

To help our customers get the most benefit out of the upcoming holiday season, we’ve invested enough time in making RepairDesk better than ever. 

Team RepairDesk has made various improvements to ensure that our web app experience is easier and more efficient. Along with a bunch of bug fixes, here’s what we’ve improved this time:


Search Items:

When creating a repair estimate, you can now search inventory items via item SKU and item ID.

IMP# 1330 – Device Color:

While adding a trade-in item, colors associated with a device will automatically be populated in the color dropdown to make the records consistent.

Organization Name:

Many customers had requested to add the macro ‘Organization Name’ to show on receipts and invoices. We’ve worked on the user feedback, and now you can display the customer’s organization name while printing tickets/invoices.

Special Parts Order:

While creating a special parts order, adding manufacturer and device is not set as mandatory now. You can proceed without entering these details. Additionally, the popup will now have the retail price pre-calculated based on the cost price and tax applied.


Along with the improvements mentioned above, we’ve also fixed a few minor bugs. Some of them are;

  • We’ve fixed the issue on the Invoice listing page where refund stats were not populating correctly.
  • Customer details were not displaying on the Purchase Orders created for special parts. Our bug-fixing team has removed the issue successfully.
  • One of our customers reported the error where they were asked to restart the shift on switching users. However, this problem doesn’t exist anymore.
  • We’ve smashed the pagination error from the Low Stock Report.


That’s all for now! Stay tuned and join RepairDesk for managing your online store sales and building a safe business from home. Enjoy using the world’s 1st iPad POS solution for the cellphone repair business.

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