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FreePBX & RepairDesk: Making Incoming Calls Informed!

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FreePBX & RepairDesk: Making Incoming Calls Informed!

FreePBX & RepairDesk: Making Incoming Calls Informed!

What does your team normally ask when customers call at your store?

“How can I help you?”

“Do you have anything to repair or upgrade?”

“Can I help you with any broken device?”

Or, you ask them who they are and what are they calling for, right?

But, not anymore!

RepairDesk has overcome this ambiguity with our new “FreePBX integration” in the web app.

We know that repair stores get many inquiries over the phone, and to automate this process, our latest integration with FreePBX can help you manage it.

What is a PBX system?

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, which in simple terms means a private telephone network. Whether you’re a small repair business or an established one, a PBX system will undoubtedly be great for your store. Still not clear about it? Head on over to our blog post on Why your repair store needs a PBX system?

What to Expect from FreePBX Integration in RepairDesk?

It is simple and easy to set up. Once you’ve enabled the FreePBX integration, RepairDesk will act as a caller ID and show you important customer information. This makes it easier to know who is calling and for what, so you can understand your customers better. So, whenever your customer calls, you’ll be able to:

  • Get Real-Time Call Alerts to Pop up
  • Review Customer Information Instantly
  • Respond to Customers’ Queries on the Spot


Sounds interesting? Let us tell you more.

Whether you’re a large-scale business or just starting out, you can’t go wrong with a system that takes care of it. Learn more about the integration on; RepairDesk FreePBX Integration.

FreePBX Integration

A Scenario to Imagine with FreePBX Integration:

For example, let’s say you’re busy at your repair shop’s counter, dealing with other customers, and the phone starts ringing. You get frustrated but manage to receive the call. And here’s what happens next:


You: Hello, ABC repair shop. How may I help you?

Customer on Call: Hi, I’m your x-customer, and I want to ask about my repair order status. Can you please update me on it?

You: Sure, Gimme a min. Stay on the call, and I’ll get back to you.

Customer at Counter: Can you please hurry up? I need to reach somewhere.

You: Sure, give me a min, sir! (in your mind) What the heck!

You open multiple tabs in your system and start scrolling down the records to find that x-customer’s details.

Customer on Call: Hey? Can you please tell me the total amount payable? I just forgot about it.

In a rush, you tell the x-customer the wrong details, and he hangs up. Additionally, you forget to print the invoice for the customer standing on the counter.

Customer at Counter: (thoroughly annoyed) Is this how you deal with all your customers? This repair shop is a big NO for me if I ever need to get my device repaired.

So? Do you want to be a big disappointment for your team, or do you want to play it smart?

Obviously! You want to play it smart and fast.

That’s exactly what our new FreePBX integration does: it helps you run your repair shop faster and smarter, so you never have to face another issue like this again.


Let’s now revisit the above scenario:

(phone rings)

A pop up will appear on your repair shop POS software with the customer’s name and ticket status, so you don’t have to ask for it or find it in the system. You can rather surprise your caller by answering the phone with their name! Here’s how:

You: Hello, x-customer! What’s up? How can I help you?

Customer on Call: (impressed already because you addressed him with his name) Hello, can you please update me on my device’s status?

(You’ll click on “View Ticket” to get into the customer’s details.)

You: (without any delays) We’re happy to tell you that your device is repaired and is ready to pick up.

Customer on Call: That was quick, thank you so much. I’ll visit your repair shop tomorrow and will clear the dues.

You: Sure, sir! Have a good day. (and you continue to serve customers on the counter without disrupting your workflow.)

“Be more professional with your customers calling for an update on their repairs.”

Your POS software is here to make you look professional to win your customers’ hearts. We have engineered the PBX integration to help you best answer those repair queries on the phone.

Here’s how you improve customer experience, gain customer loyalty, and enhance client satisfaction without any effort. Sign up for the FREE Trial of RepairDesk and create your FreePBX account to start with this awesome integration.

Sign Up for a 14-day FREE Trial


We hope you have fun impressing your customers out the first time you use this phone integration. 😂


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