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Tech Toolkit Repair Shops Use and Recommend to Repair Everything

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Tech Toolkit Repair Shops Use and Recommend to Repair Everything

Tech Toolkit Repair Shops Use and Recommend to Repair Everything

A professional tech toolkit is the armor of a repair shop person. Can’t win them repair battles without it.

While everyone has their own favorite toolkit, there’s one particularly liked, used, and recommended by most repair shop people. If you haven’t already guessed, we’re talking about the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit.

iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit for repair shopsSay Hello to iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

The kit is a masterpiece designed with an extensive set of 70 tools to help cell phone and computer repair shops ace their repair game for all kinds of gadgets. 

The inner tools of the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit are so fly that even amateurs use it to play with their faulty devices at home. 9 out of 10 repair shop owners handle their repairs with this champ and recommend it to others.

It has everything, EVERYTHING!

Whether you need drivers, handles, tweezers, or spudgers, the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit has got it all. You can use them to open, disassemble, repair, and reassemble the customer devices at your repair shop.

The heart of the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit is a 64-bit driver kit. iFixit claims that with the sharpest and coolest machine bits of this kit, you can repair any and every device a customer brings in. From the tiny screws of an Apple Watch to the gambit fasteners of vintage Nintendo game consoles.

Here are the specific contents of this popular toolkit:

  • 2x plastic opening tools
  • Precision tweezers set
  • Anti-static wrist strap
  • Small suction cup (to help slide the screen off a phone or tablet)
  • Plastic and metal spudger set (to pry open casings)
  • 6″ metal ruler 

In case you were wondering about the price of this thing, get ready for the jaw-drop because it is only $69.99. You can also add the magnetic project mat and anti-static project tray combo (used for organizing all the metal bits and screws as well as writing notes on the dry-erase surface ) in your order for another $25 and make the most out of this kick-ass toolbox.

Cell phones, tablets, watches, and computers; repair em all 

The iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit is an all-in-one solution for your hardware repair needs and you can fix everything with its cutting-edge tools. Be it an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or a Mac, the Pro Kit has got you covered.

iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit for repair shops

iFixit is kind enough to supply their Pro Tech Toolkit to most tech-savvy regions like the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and Europe. So if you need a professional toolbox at your cell phone and computer repair shop, get an iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit now.

And if you want to streamline the day-to-day operations of your store (repair ticketing and invoicing, inventory and customer management etc.), you can always try our repair shop software. Unlike the hardware toolbox, you can try the software for free and see if it synchronizes with your needs.

Try RepairDesk for FREE

That’s it for today. Give this toolkit and our repair shop software a try. We’ll come back with more repair business tips and guides. Stay tuned and happy repairing!

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