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The Problem with Apple Computer Repair Service & How to Capitalize on it

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The Problem with Apple Computer Repair Service & How to Capitalize on it

The Problem with Apple Computer Repair Service & How to Capitalize on it

Apple computers have been around for a long time. It’s a company that’s had decades of work put into it, yet their computers still to this day have problems that are absolutely atrocious. With issues ranging from the screen to the motherboard, to the fans to the keyboards, it seems that Mac machines are always in for Apple computer repair.

So how is it that a trillion-dollar company makes computers that always somehow break down? They don’t face the same challenges that computer repair shops normally do, so what is the problem with their computers and repair service? Let’s talk about it and how you can take advantage of their shortcomings.

The Genius Bar isn’t exactly a computer repair shop

What’s the first thing that you do when you need to have an Apple device fixed? Naturally, you’re going to go to an Apple Store and talk to a Genius. You’re hoping to get your computer repair questions answered by a trained professional, who will let you know exactly what the problem is, what sort of solution can be had, how long it will take, and how much it is going to set you back. Only problem: Apple’s employees aren’t really “Geniuses”.

While it’s a good term from a marketing perspective, an Apple Genius is basically a standard employee who is knowledgeable in only a handful of things. Their main concern is assisting people in choosing the next iPhone or iPad or MacBook, listing out features and benefits designed to make their offerings attractive. But when it comes down to specifics, their knowledge is very limited. They might not know the reason why your screen is starting to dim, or why your keyboard all of a sudden became unresponsive, or why your system doesn’t turn on. Keep in mind that an Apple employee has to deal with lots of customers a day, and devices other than an Apple computer repair.

What you, as a computer repair shop owner have over Apple is that you know your craft. You’ve been repairing computers day-in, day-out, and you’re familiar with all the issues that come in. You’ll know what Mac models are easy to work on, what common problems they face, what parts are needed, etc. In short, you know more about an Apple product’s inner workings than the people that Apple puts in their stores! Use that to your advantage when dealing with a customer and marketing your business.

Apple’s design isn’t exactly the best

This is a problem that many who have worked on a MacBook know. As a tech giant that runs its business by crafting the most attractive devices on the planet, Apple values form over function. Their machines are designed to be sleek, smooth, eye-catching contraptions; functionality be damned. It’s part of the reason why their computer systems often have repair problems cropping up every year – those systems weren’t designed very well.

Apple systems in the past have had the dreaded “stage light” issue, which is a problem with a simple solution that can spell doom for your display. There’s also the infamous butterfly keyboard with the Mac’s previous models, which were notorious for breaking down easily. Other troubles include heat sink and fan issues that prevent the computer from even starting. You’d think shelling out thousands of dollars would make your system not so reliant on computer repairs, but you’d be wrong. In their quest for getting the most attractive form factor, Apple has too often sacrificed longevity and reliability of their systems.

While it’s almost impossible with horrible design, you can however mitigate the issues. The aforementioned “stage light” issue can easily be resolved by replacing the ribbon cable that connects the display. Similarly, opening up the hardware and rearranging some of the internal components can actually take care of the horrible thermal issues that MacBooks are sometimes plagued with. These are things that you can advertise to your customers and convince them to choose you instead of Apple computer repairs.

Show me the money (or sometimes, don’t even!)

Apple products are expensive, it’s a known fact. What’s also well-known is that repairing Apple products is just as expensive, if not more. Remember when the iPhone X was released, and they announced that repairing the rear glass would cost $500? Yes, just to replace the back cover, you had to fork over half the price of the actual phone to them. Imagine how expensive it is to accessorize your MacBook or iMacs. That’s a story for another day.

This is even more pronounced when it comes to computer repair. Apple will more often than not tell you that the only solution to your problems is a motherboard replacement, which costs an arm and a leg. It’s almost as much as some of the phones Apple is selling these days!

Sometimes, you can’t even get your systems repaired. And this problem is fairly widespread. Take Linus Sebastian, a popular YouTuber, for example. He famously had Apple refuse to repair his iMac Pro, a machine that cost almost $5,000, because Apple HQ wouldn’t send their store the parts to repair it. This was cited due to Apple certification issues and other jargon, basically amounting to Apple not being able to do anything.

Customers hate both getting stiffed and having to pay through the nose for something, which is why you need to be different. Offer computer repairs for more reasonable prices and help them make their systems work again without them having to just buy everything brand-new again. Sure, Apple’s warranty and customer care programs do exist to please a lot of people, but they don’t cover every device. And if your perfectly-good 2016 MacBook Pro needs to be fixed, you’re probably not going to find them helpful.


Repairing Apple computers is big business for repair stores, simply because of the amount of MacBooks and iMacs sold every year. However, where Apple computer repair frustrates customers, you can provide relief. Look out for their best interests, give them the solution to their troubles, and offer to repair their devices for less. That is what an Apple customer needs. If you are able to provide it to them, then you’ve easily set yourself up for success off of Apple’s back.

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