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Drive More Sales with ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ Plans

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Drive More Sales with ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ Plans

Drive More Sales with ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ Plans

‘Buy now pay later’ plans have always been a charm for all retail stores. Such plans are an absolute customer magnet for cell phone and computer repair centres because they attract customers with an enticing offer. 

Customers get the flexibility of buying products and enjoying services without having to pay for them right there, right then. The shoppers only have to pay for a fraction of the total cost at the time of purchase. The balance is divided in weekly, monthly, or bimonthly interest-free installments.

Implementing such a plan is also surprisingly easy as well and extremely versatile. Your repair stores can use ‘buy now pay later’ plans in many ways, and here are the gains for doing so.

Get paid in full

One of the major benefits of offering ‘buy now pay later’ plans to your customers is that you get full payments for your products and services. Since you are already doing them a huge favor by accepting later payment, there’s no room for bargaining. 

For retailers, it basically says ‘sell now, get later, earn full’.

Grow your customer base

There are many potential customers out there who do need a new device, accessory, or a repair service, but are unable to pay for it upfront. So they aren’t visiting you under your normal selling conditions.

By offering ‘buy now pay later’ solutions, you can attract this new pool of customers to your store and grow your business.

Enjoy repeat purchases

Customers have higher rates of repeat purchases with the retailers they trust. This is because they know they are guaranteed great quality, and more importantly, an excellent deal. Now what could earn their trust better than the classic ‘buy now pay later’ offer, eh? 

With a ‘buy now pay later’ program, you’ll be enticing customers to do repeat business with you for the future. So it basically helps create an investment that pays off in the form of a loyal customer. Just let them pay for it later and watch them coming back for more and more.

Upsell more products and services

Customers are a hundred percent vulnerable to spending more money and buying more products when they have the option of paying later. Use this opportunity to sell additional products and services with your bundle offers, ‘cause why not?

Now that we agree on the fact that offering ‘buy now pay later’ plans is a healthy practice for your repair store, let’s move on to finding the best solution to handle such payments, shall we?

‘Buy Now Pay Later’ with RepairDesk Recurring Billing

With the RepairDesk Recurring Billing feature, you can create new and individual subscription plans for your customers. 

Add product and services the customer wants to buy, set their payment schedule, and choose a payment method of their preference. The POS system of your repair shop software will send recurring invoices to the customer as per their payment schedule. Learn more.

Offer 'Buy Now Pay Later' plans with recurring payments featureNo more chasing down customers

Your POS system will take care of your customers’ recurring invoicing and payments according to their ‘buy now pay later’ plans. So you can get down to snowballing your sales and targeting new customers rather than hunting down old ones for their pending payments. Sounds like a plan!

Multiple payment method options

In case you are wondering about the payment part of your ‘buy now pay later’ plans, we have got you covered. There are multiple methods for your customers to choose from. They can either pay you manually (with cash or checks) or online via email, or you can save their credit card details and the system will charge the customer automatically. 

'Buy Now Pay Later' plans with recurring payments

Most customers go for automatic card payments and that is why we have our integrated Recurring Billing feature with RepairDesk Payments. If you are a repair merchant in the US, this home payment integration will run your payments like a river of dollars!

Get RepairDesk Payments

Introduce ‘buy now pay later’ solutions at your repair store

Once you’re all set up with recurring billing, spread the word about your ‘buy now pay later’ solution! Use the automated email and SMS marketing feature of your repair shop software to your advantage. Post on your social media pages, and don’t forget to put up signage outside of your store to increase footfall.

We believe that every repair store should get on board with ‘buy now pay later’ sales. That’s why Recurring Billing is not only available in the RepairDesk Enterprise Plan but you can also get it as a separate module with RepairDesk Lite+ and Professional Plans. So sign up now with the best repair shop software and tower over your daily sales.

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