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Communicate with Your Customers via Two-Way Email

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Communicate with Your Customers via Two-Way Email

Communicate with Your Customers via Two-Way Email

Every businessman knows that communication is the key to customer satisfaction. And every cellphone and computer repair shop owner has the idea of how tiresome this communication part can get. 

You need to keep your customers in the loop during the whole repair process. Have you started working on it yet? Have the repair parts arrived? When will their devices be ready? No repair store can handle these questions on a daily basis for all ongoing repairs. That is why your repair shop POS software must have automated email notifications.

But it doesn’t end there. Customers may want to ask you some things or stay in touch with your store even after they get their devices repaired. And one-way communication won’t cut it. You need to maintain two-way email communication with your customers. So you can answer all the queries of your current customers, convert leads into new customers, and stay connected with the existing customer base. How’s that for a win-win-win?

Let’s not waste any more time and show you how you can do all of these things with our new two-way email feature. 

Send them emails and view them in the outbox

This one’s plain simple and just like the old method of sending your customers automated emails. Your cellphone and computer repair shop software will let you send out emails to new and existing customers. So what’s new in this? The outbox. Yes, you can now view all your sent emails in the outbox of your RepairDesk account. 

Want to use these emails for introducing new deals and offers to your existing customers, here are the 5 ways to get your emails opened & read in no time

Two-way email outbox of our computer repair shop software

Check their received responses in the inbox

Well, this is new and pretty exciting. With the two-way email in action, you can now receive customer responses to your emails. The POS system will notify you every time you receive a new email. You can check the incoming email, send a reply, and maintain healthy communication with your customers. 

What else is there in two-way email?

  1. The system maintains a complete thread of each customer email so you can see the full history of each conversation.
  2. Outbox will show you the status of your sent emails (failed, delivered, read).
  3. Inbox will show you which employees have checked the incoming emails with their icons.
  4. You can search for emails by customer name, date, email status, and ID in both the inbox and outbox.
  5. Every email (incoming or outgoing) is linked with the customer’s repair ticket so you can simply click the ticket and see all repair details.

Here’s how you can set up the new two-way email feature in your RepairDesk account.

Last Words

Two-way emails will be a game-changer for your repair store. It’s not just about sending out and receiving emails, it has so much more to it. You can contact your leads and win sales from them, impress your existing customers by letting them know what new devices and product bundles you have in store, and do a better job of giving updates to customers on their ongoing repairs.

If you like this new feature and want to try it out, RepairDesk offers you a 14-day long free trial. So sign-up now and enjoy two-way email and so many more top-notch management features of our cellphone and computer repair shop software. Let’s help manage your store, you win the hearts of your customers, and grow your business, all at the same time with the same piece of software.  

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