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Why You Should Look to Modify Computers at Your Computer Repair Shop

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Why You Should Look to Modify Computers at Your Computer Repair Shop

Why You Should Look to Modify Computers at Your Computer Repair Shop

Computer repair shops are currently looking at a changing business landscape in 2020. To keep up with the trends, it is essential that computer repair stores improve their services and go with what works these days. One particular practice that is gaining a lot of traction is modifying computer systems for other tasks.

In this article, we discuss what these new practices are, why modifying a computer is important for them, and why you should look into adding it to your repertoire.

The newest trends to follow

Since the COVID-19 situation has caused many people to work from home these days, they have a lot more time for personal projects and hobbies. Being in the house all the time can be difficult, but since there are many others in the same situation, certain trends have popped up that people are now trying.

Many people are now looking to change their computers to gaming machines, for starters. This allows them to play games with superior graphics, either by themselves or with others online. A good gaming system is able to run very intensive applications simultaneously and devote ample resources to any games or programs that need it. Since there are many other people at home these days, it’s easier to play with friends when you’re free from work.

Another trend that has always been popular but is catching more steam is streaming. Many stories of streamers who have risen to success are with us today, and for some, it’s a fun, enjoyable activity. Streaming allows you to take whatever you’re doing – be it playing a game, working on an art project, or even cooking – and share it with people. You can even take your computer repair shop tasks online and stream them (wink wink). Not only that, you’ll also be able to interact with others that are like-minded, and slowly build a community around it. Many platforms offer streaming capabilities, such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming and even Discord. To be able to stream however, you need to have the right setup for the job.

Many people who stream also work on hosting their content online. The major platform that they host their videos is on YouTube, and streamers either edit their videos themselves or send it to an editor before uploading. Editing videos is a highly-intensive task, and requires good hardware to be able to accomplish. This also turns into another creative outlet for many to work on during their free time, creating short videos and animations for consumption.

Why your computer repair shop needs to modify systems?

Now that we have some of the major trends listed down, the question arises – why do we need to modify computers to do this? Most computers come with everything built-in, so a lot of people don’t feel the need to upgrade or modify their systems. However, certain factors do necessitate changes to people’s existing setups.

The most important reason for modifying computers is due to the hardware limitations of certain components. Your processor and graphics card play a huge role in this situation. Generally, it is a better idea to get powerful and efficient hardware for all your tasks. For processors, that means looking to go into smaller architecture and more cores. For graphics cards, that means going with the latest technology that incorporates stuff like ray tracing, greater VRAM and support for advanced shaders.

Ideally, as a computer repair shop you should be well-versed in what differentiates multiple components for a certain type of job – would an Intel Core i9 or an AMD Ryzen Threadripper be good for video editing, for example. Keep yourself informed on which product is good for what use and work accordingly.


Working on modifying computers is a pretty lucrative deal for a computer repair shop. Your knowledge of repairing computer systems can help you upgrade or modify existing ones to best suit customer needs. Since many people are restricted to their homes and online most of the time, they will need a system that does more. That’s where you can capitalize and offer your services. Be it gaming, streaming, video editing or any other intensive task, your customers will be looking to get the best, and you can certainly provide it to them.

When customers come to you for a job that you specialize in, you’ll want a system to keep track of all your tasks and manage it the best way possible. That’s where RepairDesk can help you out! With our excellent computer repair shop software that lets you track repair jobs, assign tickets, collect payments online, issue invoices and order parts from within, you’ll have the perfect companion for your everyday needs. RepairDesk isn’t just any ordinary software, it’s an all-in-one computer repair shop management system, and it’s available to you right now for a free 14-day trial. Check us out and see what makes RepairDesk the best!


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