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How Has Computer Repair Changed in 2020?

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How Has Computer Repair Changed in 2020?

How Has Computer Repair Changed in 2020?

Computer repair, like most other things, has changed in the face of the COVID-19 epidemic of 2020. Since a majority of businesses now enforce work-from-home policies, the use of computers has increased significantly. This means that when they break down, computers will need to be repaired, which has also changed significantly.

In order to repair computers in 2020, you’ll need to learn how things have changed and what measures now need to be taken. Our article details all that you need to be aware about when doing hardware and software computer repair in the future.

Safety is a priority in computer repair

Computers are often sizable machines with many components and parts in a casing. This means that there is going to be more area that have come into human contact. With the COVID-19 crisis still present in society, your prime responsibility is to take the necessary safety precautions against coronavirus when working.

It goes without saying that you will need adequate protection when repairing computers. Gloves, masks and sanitizers will be needed, along with cleaning equipment specific to electronics. This includes cans of compressed air, disinfectant wipes and isopropyl alcohol. Be sure to not use anything like bleach or abrasive cleaning solutions, since they can damage the components and parts instead.

Along with making sure the components are sanitized, you’ll also want to clean and sanitize the outer casing of the computer, whether it’s a laptop or a desktop. The outer casing comes into the most contact with people, and usually people don’t take care to clean it. Make sure you don’t miss out on anything when taking precautions, and being thorough might be the difference between saving someone’s life or jeopardizing it. Device cleaning kits are one of the most popular computer accessories these days, so make sure to get them in stock to help your customers and their devices stay safe.

Make sure you have the right tools for the job

Hardware computer repair requires a specific set of tools for the job, and having them on hand is important. We’re not just talking about screwdrivers and such – there’s thermal paste, zip ties, digital multimeters, and even soldering irons.

All your screwdrivers, pliers and crimpers should be kept in a secure location that is easily accessible. Most importantly, each time you use them, be sure to wipe them down and sanitize them to keep them free of any danger.

A lot of new systems also have a propensity for including RGB lighting. Be sure to have a know-how of how to work with them, and if needed, install them on to someone’s system. Securing things with adhesive and zip ties should also be in your workflow.

Use computer repair shop software designed for the situation

Repairing computers doesn’t just require the right physical tools, but also the right software for the job. That’s why having a computer repair shop software that can manage everything for you is important.

A computer repair software can help you keep track of your ongoing repairs, streamline them, and make sure that you keep everything on record. Using a computer repair software, you can identify issues and accurately log them in. This makes it easier when running diagnostics and charging customers.

You’ll also want to use software that is capable of handling the situation. For instance, contactless payments should be a standard for whatever you employ. This helps people limit physical interaction to a minimum when collecting payments. Also useful is email and SMS notifications, which alert customers on the status of their repairs automatically. Finally, there’s online appointment booking, which allows customers to schedule a repair with you from the safety of their own homes. These types of features can be found in software like RepairDesk, and we highly recommend you use them.

Final Words

Repairing computers now needs more attention and smarts. There’s plenty that you have to be aware of, and only by taking care of everything can you truly win the hearts of your customers. Making sure that safety is your number one priority will ensure you’re not being negligent with your work, and attending to your customers’ small needs helps big. While many things may have changed in 2020, you can improve your computer repair services so your work can be just as good as it was before, if not better.


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