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Top Hardware Computer Repair Services of All Times

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Top Hardware Computer Repair Services of All Times

Top Hardware Computer Repair Services of All Times

Computer repair has changed so much in 2020. Computer repair industry is growing faster and faster every year. That’s because, unlike cellphones, computers are way more complex machines. Even a simple software installation is so overwhelming for a user that he runs to the nearest computer repair shop for help.

But of course, it’s not all about the software, so much goes into the hardware of these machines. And here are the top laptop and computer repair services that your customers will come looking for.

Laptop and Computer Repair Services

There are so many parts involved in the structure of a computer. There’s a keyboard, a touchpad/mouse, a monitor/screen, hard drives, a fan, a DVD player, and so many ports.

The good health of all these hardware parts of a computer is necessary for the overall life of the machine. So you better be prepared to save that life.

  • Screen Replacement

First things first, you got to have a screen replacement service for all PC and laptop types. It’s better if you ask your customers to share the information about the model and a picture of the damaged screen before coming to your store. This way you can have a look at the damage and order the new screen if you don’t already have it in your inventory.

  • Heat Repair

This sure happens to computer users all the time. They have this natural habit of constantly using their computers and ignoring the sounds coming out of them. Yeah, it’s the fan, telling them to stop using it like crazy and giving the machine some time off or at least a good cleaning. But no, the users will run the thing till its last breath and then come to you for help.

And there you will be with your computer repair. All ready to clean, cool off and save or replace the fans of your customers’ computers and laptops.

  • Battery Replacement

The battery is the heart of a laptop. If it stops beating, the whole system goes dead.

However, there can be different reasons why the laptop’s battery does not work anymore. Maybe it’s the faulty charger, or the charging port, or the battery itself. So have the complete set of charging computer repair to resurrect the battery.

  • Touchpad Repair

Laptop touch-pads are.. well, touchy! They don’t work unless they are treated the right way. Just a little grease or a hint of water and there goes the touch-pad, breaking it off with the user.

You can always suggest the user replace the touch-pad with a mouse and move on. Or you can also be a relationship saviour by repairing the touchpad and instructing your customer to treat it right.

  • Keyboard Repair

Keyboard computer repair is much much easier than a laptop. Mainly because they are not built-in and can be easily replaced, but also because there’s no limit for the model of the computer. One keyboard can fit all computers.

But the keyboard repair of a laptop? Whoof! As keyboard is like the lower part of the laptop’s body, it’s hard to just cut it off and glue another pair. That is why you need to have a major skill set for repairing the sticky, stubborn, and useless keys of a laptop.

  • Ports Repair

Let’s talk about the hundreds of ports in laptops and computers. At least one of them is bound to mess around.

USB ports, headphone jacks, VGA port, Ethernet port, card reader, etc. etc. Offer to repair every type there is. And while you repair a particular one for a customer, extend your service to check the other ports as well. It will leave a good impression and help you win the hearts of your customers.

  • Top hardware computer services for computer repair shopsComputer Tune-Ups

Since computer is a complex machine like the human body, it also needs a monthly or weekly health checkup. And as you are the computer doctor, you must have a particular type of computer repair that covers everything.

A quick physical inspection, some internal cleaning, troubleshooting of all programs, virus and malware check, reboot, and a quality control analysis of the machine. You can make a package deal for all these services with our software for computer shop.

At the end of such tune-up services, tell the customer what work did you perform on their computer or laptop, what issues you found, and what are the things they should avoid in the future.

  • Computer Body Shop

Customers have a very short sense of judgement when it comes to their devices. You tell somebody they have a battery problem and they will be all like “Shoot, I gotta buy a new one!”. But no, don’t let them.

Have your computer parts stock ready along with the computer repair services. Tell them they just have to get a new battery or something and it will all be fixed. It’ll be so much nicer if you also have a computer and laptop accessory range. So you can give their device a makeover and make it just like brand new. Our computer repair shop management software will help you manage inventory of all computer parts and accessories.

No matter what type of computer repair service you provide to your customers, don’t forget to give them a warranty.

Happy Repairing!

You need to improve your computer repair game in 2020. Our computer repair shop software is here to assist you in setting up a POS system for all these computer repair services. You can customize it and add software computer repair services as well. Tell your customers you have all sorts of computer repairs, parts, and tips for healthier and longer lives of their computers. Feature your best deals and services everywhere and attract customers.

If your computer repair shop also deals with cellphone repairs, that gives you all the more reason to try our all-in-one repair shop software. It will streamline all your services and help you manage everything.

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