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Win the Hearts of Customers with Your Repair Services

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Win the Hearts of Customers with Your Repair Services

Win the Hearts of Customers with Your Repair Services

People these days are more invested in finding the right salon for their hair and picking the right store for the repair services of their damaged devices, than choosing a life partner. You need to give it your 100% if you want to be “the one” for your customers. We have made a list of things that will help you win the hearts of customers and make them fall in love with your business. Let’s get right down to it.

Make the first move

Everybody loves the business that is direct in showing its interest in them. So take our advice and go tell them how much you’d love to repair their devices. You must be wondering like how do I do that? I don’t know where they are or how to approach them. Well, they are everywhere, aren’t they? So you need to put a show everywhere.

Have a “Come on in, we’d love to repair your devices” sign on the front door of your repair store. Upload daily posts on your social media pages and remind them that you are waiting for them and you’ll fix everything that’s broken or damaged in their lives (the gadgets for sure).

Keep the conversation going

So, once the plan works and customers reach out to your store for a repair service for their devices, it’s time for real action. Start by asking them how they are doing and what do they need. And when they tell you about a broken screen or a dead battery or some other repair service they are looking for, ask them things like how it happened and when do they want it fixed etc.

Remember that people like to buy from people, not businesses or brands! So maintain a polite, friendly, and welcoming tone that makes them feel like you are interested in the conversation and not doing it for the sale.

Make them feel special

Your first interaction with your new customer is going well but you need to take it up a notch. Once you know what they came for, you can offer them a little more like a package deal and make them feel special. You can use the Product Bundles feature of our Enterprise Plan for finding the perfect offer to pitch at this stage.

For example, a customer is here to get a fix for the broken screen of his cellphone. You can tell them that you have a package offer that comes with a screen protector and a case with this repair service. You can also butter them up by saying “Hey since it’s your first time here and we are already bonding, I’ll give you an extra 10% off on this deal”.

Exchange numbers

Unlike getting the number of the actual date, this one’s pretty easy. Simply tell them that you need their contact information to notify them about the status of their repair service and you got it. For now, just record their phone number and email address in your repair shop software and we’ll talk more about it later.

See, getting the customers’ number is simple, but it is not the same for the other way around. Because now you need to give them your repair shop’s business card, which, as you may already know, customers have the least interest for. So make sure to be as smooth as possible.

Here’s something that you can try: “Well, I have got your contact information recorded in our system so we’ll make sure to update you on the status of your repair service. If you have got any questions or need any repair services in the future, you can always contact us on our number or write to us at our email and we’ll be happy to help. Let me give you our card so you can do that.”

Promote your repair services by giving business cards to customers

Give them a goodbye memory

Most businesses think that giving customers what they paid for is enough. But it is not when you want them to remember you.

So how can you give them a good last impression so they won’t look for another repair shop ever again? By adding some extra value to their repair experience. Give them free advice on that specific repair, tell them a good hack or a trick to take better care of their device.

Let’s give you an example. A customer takes your repair service for the dead battery of their cellphone. Tell them this: “Hey, do you know that you can elongate the life of your device’s battery if you charge it more often? Like instead of waiting for it to drop to zero and then charge it to a 100 percent, try to feed it at a 30 or 40 percent and end it at a 70 or 80. Trust me, your phone will thank you for it and you’ll thank me.”

Time to say goodbye to your new and soon-to-be permanent customer. Show sincere gratitude for giving you the chance to help them with your repair services and invite them to come back. Then slide a request to recommend your service to their family and friends and wish them a good day.

Slide into their DMs

Let’s talk about the contact information of the customer that you recorded in your POS system. You can use it to send future promotions and offers of your repair shop. Each time you do that, be sure to thank them first and then inform about your new packages, improvements, new repair services or setups, whatsoever.

Don’t ever let them go..

Just like your personal relationships, you need to put the effort into your connection with the customers. The thing is that there are so many options out there to steal them from you. And you need to work on this relationship to keep them to your business. Follow these steps and they will instantly fall for you and your repair services. Good luck, we hope that you succeed in winning them over.


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