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RepairDesk Enterprise Version Revisited – Loyalty, Gift Cards, Store Credits & Inventory Bundles

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RepairDesk Enterprise Version Revisited – Loyalty, Gift Cards, Store Credits & Inventory Bundles

RepairDesk Enterprise Version Revisited – Loyalty, Gift Cards, Store Credits & Inventory Bundles

With the launch of RepairDesk’s Enterprise Version, it helped a big number of cellphone repair shops to boost customer retention with our Loyalty Program, improving long-lasting customer relationship using Gift Cards, staying safe in the COVID-19 pandemic by offering cashless returns with Store Credits, and wiping out old stock by making product bundles!

That’s not it. In line with our vision of extending RepairDesk services to serve retailers with multiple outlets, we’re continuously introducing improvements in the Enterprise Plan. To help repair stores in getting an edge in the rising competition among the repair industry and boost customer retention in the difficult times of Coronavirus, let’s see what’s new in the Enterprise Version;

Improvements to the Enterprise Version

Pay for Inventory Bundles via Loyalty Points, Gift Cards or Store Credits 

The recently launched feature ‘Inventory Bundles’ in the Enterprise Version gives more options to upsell and cross-sell your customers. It has options to offer a product bundle that has the related accessories/items, repair bundle – combining the essential repair services, or by creating a repair-accessory pack together.

With the latest improvements in the module, your customers can now purchase their selected bundle by paying through cashless options. Sell inventory bundles by redeeming customer loyalty points, using their pre-existing store credits, or via gift cards.

Get started with RepairDesk to protect yourself and your customers by avoiding the exchange of currencies to collect payments!

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Earn Loyalty Points on Inventory Bundles Purchase

Hold on tight to your customers with RepairDesk Loyalty Program. The loyalty program of our repair shop POS software will empower your repair business to track your existing customers and make them come back for more sales. And here’s a value-added feature. Encourage your customers to buy product bundles and earn loyalty points in return.

Existing customers are the dark horse of your repair business. If they are earning loyalty points, you are winning their trust, and in return, they will bring more sales to your store than you can count. Keep repeat customers coming back to you with everything we are offering in RepairDesk Enterprise Plan.

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Void Store Credits

Revert Mistakenly Added Store Credits – The Savior

Yes, you heard it right! It happens, it happens with all of us.

With the improved Store Credits module in the Enterprise Version, repair shop employees can now revert credit amount if they mistakenly added the wrong amount at the time of processing return. They’re a powerful customer service tool that can open up new ways for you to process refunds at your repair store. The best part is that smart usage of a store credits feature can make you stand out from the crowd.


Sell Gift Cards Separately to Maintain Uniformity

Your repair store has started a gift card program, great news! But wait, selling Gift Cards with the device repair may mess-up the flow. To keep you out of uncertainty, here’s what team RepairDesk has done. Your employees will not be allowed to create tickets against Gifts Cards, and no gift cards can be sold with any repair service.

Want your customers to know about it? Well, you have to slide into their DMs, and we can help you with that. Sell Gift Cards with our dedicated module and send out intriguing email and SMS notifications to your existing customer pool. You can use a system automated template or write the content yourself to put your flavor.

Learn More About Enterprise Version

RepairDesk is planning to bring up a lot more features for repair shop owners that will continue to increase productivity, boost customer retention, and reduce all the hassle faced every day. The best way to get a taste of it is to sign up for our 14-day free trial. See it yourself!

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