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Seal the Right Deals with RepairDesk Product Bundles

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Seal the Right Deals with RepairDesk Product Bundles

Seal the Right Deals with RepairDesk Product Bundles

Hola, amigos! RepairDesk is cooking another good news for your repair shop – Inventory/Product Bundles!

The idea is pretty simple: you can group a bunch of products and services and offer them in a package deal with a special price. It generates more sales with less marketing and helps you clear your stagnant inventory.

Selling bundled products and services is an old marketing practice, particularly in retail. The most popular examples are combo meals of a restaurant and package deals of a beauty brand. And now, you can create your example by offering the right deals with RepairDesk. Let’s show you how.

The DOs

Choosing the right product bundles

To create the right product bundles, you need to pair together with the products and services that complement each other. Put yourself in the shoes of a customer and figure out the products and services that can go together. For example, during this COVID-19 pandemic when people are freaked out about sanitizing everything, every repair service can be bundled with a device cleaning service or even a device cleaning kit.

Product Bundles for Cellphone Repair Shop

Tagging the best price

The next step in product bundles creation is tagging them with special prices. Make a wise calculation and drop a certain percentage of each item’s price and bundle them up with an attractive overall cost. So your customers, who come to buy one thing or get one repair service, can agree that going for a package deal with additional products and services will be “worth it”.

Leaving customer with choices

Make the most out of our product bundles feature and create a diverse range of bundle deals. So you can offer 2 or 3 different deals to a customer and instantly grab his attention. Also, keep the option of buying separate items open for the customers. They’ll like you better and become your repeat customers when they see that you are doing this for their benefit and not yours.

The Don’ts

  1. Do not make any mismatched bundles, just for the sake of selling your “dead inventory”.
  2. Do not add too many items in a bundle. You will lose customers’ interest with the unnecessary additions.
  3. Do not charge a price that is more or less equal to the total sum of prices of individual items of the bundle. The package deal won’t make any sense.
  4. Do not sell a bundle at a price that is so low you end up with negative figures in your sales report.
  5. Do not be pushy by taking away the option of purchasing separate items and services from your customers. You’ll lose the sale altogether.
  6. Don’t put extra pressure on the customer with too many options. They are there to save their time not to waste it.

Learn more about how you can set up different inventory bundles with RepairDesk.

Final Takeaway

And there you have it. Our tips and suggestions for sealing the right deals with your customers with our upcoming feature of Product Bundles in our Enterprise Plan. We know that creating these bundles is time-consuming and that is why we are sending this your way during the COVID-19 lockdown. So you can use this time constructively to build an incredible framework for your repair shop and make a rebound out of this recession.

Find this interesting? We have got a lot more. Join RepairDesk familia to take your repair shop to the next level with more kick-ass features.

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