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Web Release Notes: Let Customers Locate Nearest Store Via Appointment Calendar

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Web Release Notes: Let Customers Locate Nearest Store Via Appointment Calendar

Web Release Notes: Let Customers Locate Nearest Store Via Appointment Calendar

RepairDesk Enterprise Version Coming Your Way!

Get ready to have a new and improved all-in-one package with our Loyalty Module, Store Credits, and Gift Cards. Grow your business faster and retain customers for longer!


Considering our beta customers’ suggestions, the Loyalty Module has been extended to be more useful for repair store owners to operate;

  • IMP #1054 – Your customers can now enroll into your store’s loyalty program with a dedicated Loyalty Portal integrated to your website. Just copy and paste the iFrame code and you are good to go!

  • A new trigger is added to issue Loyalty points when selling Gift Cards at your store. However, by default, this trigger is set to OFF.

Note: To use this feature, both the Gifts Cards feature and the Loyalty Program feature should be enabled at your store.

  • Information on Loyalty points earned, issued Gift Cards, and the number of Gift Cards sold, and Store Credits issued will also be exported when exporting customers from your account in a CSV or Excel file.
  • IMP #1050 – Offer Bonus Loyalty to all the customers registering for the Loyalty Program, whether they sign-up from your website, are enrolled through the POS screen, or via the loyalty email sent to them.
  • IMP #1047 – Store employees (who have access to it) can now manually revert Loyalty points from the POS screen or Manage Customers section. Just select the amount and choose the ‘Void’ option.
  • Employees can now see the relevant labels against each customer for loyalty points issued and redeemed.
  • Another email template is added for your convenience to inform your customers if your store’s loyalty program is ending soon. Ask them to redeem their Loyalty points ASAP and give your customers a reason to visit you once again!

Ticket Items Report

A very handy report is introduced in the RepairDesk reporting section, which is especially valuable for users who don’t keep inventory at their store and provide repair services only. This report keeps track of all the replacement parts used in a repair job, provides their total count, shows relevant ticket IDs, displays per-part costs & collective repair costs, and presents all the related information in a convenient report.

When using the Ticket Items Report, you will have the option to show/hide columns as per your store requirements.

Edit Diagnostic Notes

A new trigger has been added to grant permission to some employees to edit the Diagnostic Notes once added. A proper edit history will be maintained for every action performed, and a record will be kept in the Employee Log Report as well.

Locate Store on Map

Adding a cherry to your cake, the Appointment Calendar is now better than ever!

For the owners hassling with appointments at different store locations, we’ve made it a lot easier for your customers to get to the most convenient location for them. You can now have your customers locate your nearest repair store by adding the latitude and longitude for the desired location. This will make your store visible on the map for them, and they will be able to book appointments more conveniently.

NOTE: This option will only be visible to owners with multiple store locations.

RepairDeks Appointment CalendarCOMING SOON: In the future, repair store owners will be able to take payments directly from the Appointment Calendar via RepairDesk Payments.

Renamed “Supplied Items” to “Additional Items”

We have changed the name of Supplied Items to Additional Items that are recorded when a repair ticket is created. These items can now be linked to different repair categories. If you run a repair store in multiple niches, e.g. computer, cellphone, drone, iPad, MacBook, etc., you can now add a separate list of ‘Additional Items’ for each category.

Customize RepairDesk to suit your needs!

NOTE: You can add a default list of items that will appear with every category if you haven’t specified any other items against a particular category.

Bug Fixes:

  • A bug was reported that the customized ticket status was not updated in the Email & SMS notification settings and was not forwarded to the customer via email/SMS. This issue has been resolved successfully.
  • Some design fixes are made throughout the web app, which include various status and alert colors.
  • Ticket status overlapping has been restricted.
  • An issue was reported where a customer was notified multiple times for a single ticket. Our bug-fixing team has removed this abnormality in the latest release.
  • Previously, when editing the Inventory Trade-In Label from the Template Editor, some details disappeared from the label. However, the issue doesn’t exist any longer.

That’s all for now, to learn more, head on over to our Q1 Roadmap. Join RepairDesk for managing your online store sales and building a safe business from home. Sign-up now!

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