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Web Release Notes: Track Service Gratuity with a Dedicated Report!

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Web Release Notes: Track Service Gratuity with a Dedicated Report!

Web Release Notes: Track Service Gratuity with a Dedicated Report!

RepairDesk brings another round of release notes your way! We’ve made a few enhancements to the RepairDesk web app that will significantly help you improve your workflow. Here’s a quick overview;


RepairDesk Payments

Now record and download customer signatures using RepairDesk Payments from the Manage Tickets section. Tickets created will be displayed on the terminal with all the items added in it. Your customers can easily verify the work order and digitally sign the receipt directly from the RepairDesk Payments terminal attached.

For your convenience, we’ve also added the option to verify a Trade-in Purchase when processing the transaction via RepairDesk Payments. Turn the trigger ON from the Integrations settings, and you’ll be able to view all the item’s details on the connected terminal.

Furthermore, after processing the transaction successfully, your customer will be asked to register to your store’s Loyalty Program (if you have any). For more details, please refer to the Knowledge Based article on RepairDesk Payments.

Store-Wise Data Sync

Users can now create and sync ‘Bill Payments’ plans as they create and sync their inventory items. We’ve changed the syncing of Bill Payments data to be store-wise, so as to avoid incorrect data entries if you have multiple store locations.

Upload Images for Manufacturers

Just like the RepairDesk user can upload accessories and parts images on the POS and the Appointment Calendar widget, our customers can now set the relevant images for Manufacturers too.

However, this improvement is trigger-based, so if you wish to show any manufacturer’s image on the POS, you’ll turn the trigger ON from within the settings.

New Macro for Device Serial

A new tag has been added to send the device serial in the email and SMS notifications sent to customers.

Employee Gratuity/Tip Report (Beta Version)

We’ve worked on the user-requested improvement of having records of employee gratuity/tip, and have set up a dedicated report to display the details of your employees’ tips, name, customer data, and the linked invoice ID. Further improvements are planned for this report in our upcoming releases, so be sure to see more changes to this new report.

Note: This report currently runs for transactions made via RepairDesk Payments and TSYS only. 


Moving towards stability, our bug-fixing team runs strict quality assurance tests to make the system reliable and more efficient for all to use. Here are some minor bug-fixes that went live with this release;

  • We have fixed a syncing issue in the Xero integration reported by one of our valuable clients.
  • We have resolved the issue where the retail price of the items was not populating correctly when the user was selecting any Customer Group against them.
  • Transactions made via TSYS were causing problems and not processing till the end. However, the issue has been resolved now.
  • A server error has been fixed that was popping up when trying to send an email for the Loyalty module.

That’s it for this week’s round-up. RepairDesk makes your life easier by helping you manage your work effortlessly and with just a few clicks. We have everything – from creating repair tickets to inventory management and more. Get a FREE trial of our cellphone repair shop POS software for your cellphone repair shop and see it for yourself!

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